First Practical Curved Digital Sensor Patents Issue, Sutton Announces

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The First Practical Curved Digital Sensor Patents Issue

"Camera's will never be the same."

“My first curved sensor patent just issued,” Gary Sutton announced. “US patent 8,248,499 is one of five filed in the United States so far,” said Sutton, “and applications are pending in 42 other countries."

“Concave sensors make cameras smaller, create better pictures and prolong battery life. Your eyeball uses a single element lens. That’s possible because your retina is curved. In a camera this means you won’t need flash for images after dusk. And the lens won’t extend past your nose for zoom shots.”

Sutton adds that the challenge has been economical production. “We solved that. Two of our patents use existing technology.” He says a demand for better photographs is inevitable. “Consider the billion new photographers that smart phones inspired. They are thrilled, today, with the convenience. You see them in restaurants, passing around their smart phones, showing friends recent pictures. If history repeats, they won’t be satisfied for long."

“When Instamatics arrived in the 1960’s,” he said, “millions began taking their first photographs, and they were amazed by the convenience. Everybody passed around wallet-sized prints, showing friends.”

He said that the Instamatic died as those new photographers tired of small pictures with detail that fell apart when enlarged and cropped. They stepped up to 35mm cameras, which were previously professional tools.

“And for decades, 35mm camera sales boomed,” Sutton said, “consumers became addicted to high resolution pictures. Today it’s HDTV with wide screens. Soon they’ll want to enlarge or crop the best of these photos, putting 8” x 10s” on their desks. Bigger ones will hang on their walls. But when party shots are taken after dark, flash bleaches out the nearby faces. Those further away go dark. That flashing also sucks up battery power. So the battery dies before the party’s over.”

Sutton claims his concept fixes these problems. He suggests interested parties try Googling “curved digital sensors” without the quotes. They’ll discover millions of recent papers published, most telling why curved sensors are the next big thing.

“Suddenly everybody’s chasing this,” he said, “but none of them suggest practical manufacturing methods. Ours do.”

Sutton explained his approaches on YouTube. The first is titled “2014: Introduction to future cameras.” The second is “2014: The Camera Revolution.” The third is “2014: the Super Camera.” The fourth is “2014: Camera Technology Secrets.”

“It’s too soon to sell these patents,” he cautioned. “But enough of our pending claims should issue in 2013 to create tangible value. Then some smart phone or camera group can take over and begin development.”

Gary Sutton
1865 Caminito Ascua
La Jolla, CA 92037

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