90 Seconds to Healthy Skin - Destroy Germs Instantly to Avoid Disease - The Only FDA Approved V-254 Dermatological Lamp For Disease Prevention

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MedFaxx V-254 Wound lamp uses safe, highly efficient ultraviolet c light to destroy all known pathogens. The most difficult germs, MRSA and VRE, have been proven to be least resistant to the rays of the V-254 lamp. There has been no mutations ever that have resisted the V-254 Wound Lamp ultraviolet rays. This is the only lamp approved by the F.D.A. for use on skin pathogens. Stop infectious skin diseases to stay healthy.

MedFaxx V-254 Wound Lamp

an ounce of prevention can be worth thousands of dollars

MedFaxx, Inc offers the one proven, FDA approved, ultraviolet lamp that has been proven to destroy all known skin pathogens, including germs found in chronic wounds.

A problem with many infectious diseases is the germs are at skin level and by resting there the potential is high to infect one self. This is especially true for patients suffering from decubitus ulcers/bedsores. The infection in the wound compromises healing of the wound. The V-254 can be used to destroy the wound bed bacteria is less than 90 seconds, but if the skin is not treated then any germs on the skin migrate to the wound. The migration of germs reinfects the wound bed.

Germs on a body can also be transferred to new, non infected patients by clinicians in hospitals inadvertently. A simple exposure to UVC light will destroy all known pathogens and help prevent becoming sicker in the hospital setting, rather than getting well.

Today an ounce of prevention can be worth thousands of dollars in treatments for infectious disease.

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