The War Between The 1 Percent And The 99 Percent Is Over

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Announcing the launch of the web-based company Universal Economics, setting out on an educational mission focusing on economic and social issues and solutions.

Rediscover the American Genius

Modern computer technology makes a new economic paradigm possible, eradicating poverty and releasing fullest human potential. This new system is called Universal Economics.

Universal Economics, called UnEc for short, is a non-money alternative economic system which combines the efficiency of a market economy with a strong sense of social responsibility. It was first visualized in 1947 by philosopher Addison Brown, but the technology did not exist for implementation at that time. Now it does.

UnEc is not simply ‘cashless’ in the sense of EFT (electronic funds transfer), but is literally a new paradigm of economic activity that transcends money the way money transcended the barter economy several thousand years ago. The basic necessities of life (i.e. food, shelter, clothing, health care, education, etc.) are easily provided to all members of society whether they are currently working or not. There is no taxation, so productivity is never penalized. A large central computer connects and records all economic transactions. Within computer memory are three main databases: REWARD, CREDITS, GOODS/SERVICES. Within the context of these three databases all economic activity is categorized and recorded. Every commodity, every product and every service already has a set value, which is a function of the structure of the REWARD list.

Citizens are motivated to produce what consumers want because they want to get more for themselves, as in any market economy. It is no exaggeration to state that Universal Economics has the potential to solve probably 90% of our economic and social problems.

Visit the Universal Economics website to watch a 32 minute video that fully explains this alternative model. We are on an educational mission to jump-start this discussion and rediscover the American genius. Go to:

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