Video Reveals How To Date Men, Not Boys and The Fastest Way To Tell The Men From The Boys

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New video training tip at tells women the quickest way to tell a man from a boy so they can find the right man for a serious relationship. Men are increasingly acting like kids, making it impossible for successful women to find the right man who deserves them. This video helps women separate a Peter Pan from a real man.

Video Shares How Single Women Can Tell A Quality Man From A Boy Who Doesn't Deserve Them

A woman deserves a grown-up man, not a guy who acts like he's her kid.

Women know how hard it can be to find the right man for a serious, long term relationship. There are so many guys out there who put on a good act at the start, but turn out to be boys who break promises, act spoiled, and let her support him financially. But, now, there's a way to see one of these guys coming from a mile away, so she can weed them out and just date the man who really deserves her. Barry Paul Price has found a guaranteed formula for women to consistently Date Men, Not Boys so they can find the man and relationship they deserve. His 5-step formula works, even in today's age of online dating and women out-earning men.

Barry Paul Price, the relationship and dating mentor who helps women find the man they deserve, has the secret to instantly telling the difference between a man and a boy. He shares it in his newest video, "The Quickest Way To Tell The Difference Between A Man and a Boy, Before You Date Him", which can be seen right now at .

He says spotting the difference between a man and a boy is the first step to finding a fulfilling relationship with a strong, supportive man. His five-step formula is spelled out in his Date Men, Not Boys Blueprint, which explains what a woman can do to stop settling for guys who don't deserve her, and attract the man she's always wanted.

It all revolves around the 5 steps that radically change the sort of guys a woman is attracting, helps the right man find her, so she doesn't have to hunt for him, and understand what to do to make sure the first date, and relationship go smoothly. It's hard to find a quality man, but even harder to keep him, if a woman doesn't know these 5 steps, which are all spelled out in the blueprint.

Because Barry grew up watching his own single Mom struggle to find the right man, he supports women who are trying to find love. That's why he is offering not only this free video training, but a complimentary training call for women, "5 Simple Secrets to Date MEN, Not boys: How To Tell The Men From The Boys And Get The Supportive, Strong & Secure Man You Deserve!" with limited availability. Interested women will need to sign up fast. And when they do, they'll not only learn how to meet quality men instead of boys who are not emotionally mature or financially secure, they'll get a free copy of the Date Men, Not Boys Blueprint.

"A woman deserves a grown-up man, not a guy who acts like he's her kid. I help women stop attracting boys who won't commit, have no financial stability, and act moody, spoiled and selfish. Instead these women start attracting men who appreciate them and offer support. We do it by applying the 5-Step Formula again-and-again. Now it's down to a science."

"Not knowing this used to cost my clients a lot of heartache and frustration with how hard it was to find a decent guy. Many went through expensive, heart-breaking divorces, or paid the bills boys who refused to step up. I'm going to teach women the formula so they can save themselves from guys who don't deserve them. I didn't have this to offer my Mom, but I offer it now, to any woman who knows that she deserves more than she's been settling for from men, love, and life."

Barry's clients have had major transformations in their lives. Many had spent their whole life settling for the low-hanging fruit, guys who were beneath them. That is, until they met Barry.

One divorced client broke a lifelong habit falling for men who were emotionally (and sometimes maritally) unavailable. She had dated all kinds of boys and was ready to give up on meeting a man. After working through the Date Men, Not Boys Formula's steps, she got rid of all those guys, and attracted only men who honored, respected and appreciated her like no one else had ever done before.

Another client hadn't dated since a major break-up with the man she thought she was going to marry. It turned out he had never intended to commit to her. Worse, he didn't have the courage to tell her until she forced it out of him. She was depressed and had given up on love. That is, until working with Barry. She reclaimed her confidence, self-worth and mojo. She began attracting quality men who wanted a serious relationship. She went from being convinced she would live alone for the rest of her life to having her choice of loving, dedicated suitors.

"Everyone deserves to have a loving, fulfilling relationship. Doing it all on your own is over-rated, but sometimes women see it as the only alternative to dating through a sea of creeps. I'm determined to help women ditch the losers and get a great guy. Now I have the formula to do that."

Why should women put up with boys who don't deserve them, or struggle to do everything all on their own?

Sign up for 5 Simple Secrets to Date MEN, Not Boys: How To Tell The Men From The Boys And Get The Supportive, Strong & Secure Man You Deserve! , Thursday, November 15th, 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST. Those who can't make the call can still sign-up to receive a free recording , .

Barry Paul Price, the relationship and dating mentor who helps women find the man they deserve, is the founder of "Date Men, Not Boys" and the author of the upcoming book by the same name. A dynamic, trained life coach, speaker, writer, teacher and mentor, Barry delivers high-impact customized relationship strategies for turbo-charging women's love lives. For information about his coaching and personal mentoring, relationship and dating consulting or in-person workshops and training, visit

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