New Electronic Hookah Invention By Electronic-Nargila Aims to Revolutionize Hookah Smoking Experience Worldwide

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Electronic-Nargila is pleased to announce its recent successful launch of the electronic hookah, the only real portable electronic hookah that fits all traditional hookahs.

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The electronic hookah gives a simple to use, clean, electronic platform to hookah users around the world to enjoy a cleaner and probably healthier smoking experience.

A new invention from Electronic-Nargila aims to revolutionize hookah smoking experience worldwide. Electronic-Nargila had invented an external adapter that fits every traditional hookah and makes it electronic. The new electronic hookah is protected in USA, China and Europe for several patents. While other manufacturers in the E-smoking area had tried using conventional methods for making electronic hookahs, engineers at Electronic-Nargila had think out of the box and invented totally new mechanisms in vaporizing the liquid into vapors.

Engineers at Electronic-Nargila had been chasing the best smoking experience vapor vise and flavor vise. Due to new coils design the Electronic-Hookah is producing a huge amount of vapor even thicker than the traditional hookahs. Flavors are easily changed and a vast range of flavors is available.

"Some producers in the E-Smoking area claim to have electronic hookahs, but actually most of them are still in development stages or they are trying to use traditional E-smoking technologies which cannot produce enough vapors to simulate traditional hookah smoking. Moreover our electronic hookah is totally portable and provides more than 500 puff between charges" says Jerry Klein Customer Relationship Manager at Electronic-Nargila.

"The feedback we are getting from customers around the world is amazing. Customers point out the simplicity in getting it started, vapor thickness, clean flavor and the fact that it fits every traditional hookah" says Jerry. The electronic hookah gives a simple to use, clean, electronic platform to hookah users around the world to enjoy a cleaner and probably healthier smoking experience.

"There is a common belief that hookah smoking is less harmful than cigarettes smoking, according to recent researches it is at least as harmful as cigarettes smoking. Traditional smoke contains around 4000 chemicals, 350 of them are poisonous, 43 out of them are causing cancer. By using electronic smoking the smoker is not exposed to these chemicals and poisons. Also, there is no tar in electronic smoking" says Jerry.

Since hookah smoking is social smoking, a vast variety of flavors is required and the ability to change flavors is critical for the hookah. Electronic-Nargila's hookah uses a Vaporizer to change the flavor. The Vaporizer easily snaps on to the top of the battery using magnets and it is ready to use instantly. For changing the flavor, just pull out the vaporizer and place another one instead.
The Electronic hookah from Electronic-Nargila looks like a major milestone in electronic hookah smoking. It brings the simplicity of electronic smoking to the traditional hookah smoking culture and takes it to next millennium.

About Electronic-Nargila:

Electronic-Nargila based in Hong Kong, offers the ultimate electronic hookah experience in simplicity, vapor thickness, flavor, portability and much more. Behind company management there are more than 20 years of experience of smoking traditional hookahs and 5 years of experience in producing electronic cigarettes for all the leading electronic cigarettes brands in the world. Our wholesaler support team is available for any inquiry. Individuals can find our products in various websites, such as

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