Report Says Romney Blames Loss to Obama Gifts; News Website Billionaires Bunker Shares Reactions to His Statement Are Generally Negative

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In a supposed private conversation, Romney told his donors that Obama was re-elected because of his "small gifts." And checking the reactions of the people about his statement, Billionaires Bunker shared that most of them are negative.

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Mitt Romney pointed to the president's gifts as the cause of his victory.

The 2012 presidential election ended with Barack Obama's re-election. But according to a report by, Mitt Romney pointed to the president's gifts as the cause of his victory. And checking the reactions of other politicians, critics and the public, Billionaires Bunker shared that comments about his statement are generally negative.

Based on the report, the Republican candidate's statement about Obama's small gifts was made in a supposed private conversation with his top donors. However, it added that one person decided to share it on the condition of anonymity.

During the said conversation, Romney apologized to his donors for not winning and stated he and his team did expect to lose against the president, related the report. Additionally, it shared that the Republican cited the free health care “in perpetuity,” “amnesty” to the children of illegal immigrants and free contraception coverage under the Obama's health care plan as among those “small gifts.” He also specified that they were given to black, Hispanic and young voters.

Here's an excerpt from the post “Romney: Obama Wins Because of Gifts” by Billionaires Bunker.

“The race to the White House is finally over. And as the results have established, Obama won it. Nonetheless, Mitt Romney said the President got re-elected because of his small gifts.

In an article from, it was said that the Republican made the “small gifts” statement while talking to his donors. In the said conversation shared by someone who wishes not to be named, Romney specified that the President gave gifts to blacks, Hispanics and young voters to get their votes.”

According to news website Billionaires Bunker, even Romney's party has negative reaction to his “small gifts” remarks. One who particularly voiced his take about it was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is a possible contender for 2016 GOP nomination. He condemned the Masachusette's governor's statement saying that voters should not be classified in any way. And generally, as the site shared, the rest of the reactions to what Romney said were all on the negative.

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