Induction Cooktop Sales Soar as Holiday Season Approaches

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Kitchen appliances are often a popular Christmas gift, and this year induction cooktops like the Duxtop 1800 are among the top sellers.

Induction cooking is the latest trend in the kitchen appliance world, becoming more popular in many areas than common household appliances such as bread machines or automatic rice cookers. Given the recent success of popular models like the Duxtop 1800 on Amazon, many consumers are wondering if induction cooking is right for them.

One of the primary reasons for strong sales of induction cooktops is due to the fallout of a recent string of power outages on the east coast of the United States from "Superstorm Sandy" as well as various summer storms. These storms caused large amounts of power outages, leaving consumers with no options for powering their food.

Most household power generators are not capable of generating enough power to heat a regular stovetop, at least not while running the essentials like lights, a sump pump, and the refrigerator. As a result, many consumers are turning to induction cooktops as part of their storm-readiness kit. Induction Cooktops can be plugged into a standard household outlet and require very little power, allowing homeowners to have a source for hot food even in times when the electricity is out.

Not only do induction cooktops require less power than traditional stovetops, but they also cook food more quickly. This is due to the way induction cooking works. By heating the pan directly rather than heating an implement (like the coils of an electric stove), no energy is wasted in cooking the food. Due to fast cooking speeds and lower power usages, another added bonus of the induction cooktop is that they cost less to operate.

For these reasons, induction cooktops have become a popular holiday gift. Many consumers are purchasing them for the entire holiday family, particularly those families that live in storm-affected areas.

One of the most popular models of induction cooktop is the Duxtop-1800. A detailed review of the Duxtop 1800 is available at Consumer Planet Watch.

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