Mayan Calendar Prophecies And Preparing For Enlightenment

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The Synthesis 2012 team is putting the finishing touches on a gathering to clear up the misconceptions about Mayan prophecies while organizing to celebrate, educate and prepare people to effectively make the transition to the new Age of the 5th Sun.

Chichén Itzá

From this moment on, I would like you to realize that we are all Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan.
We need only to develop our faculties of consciousness to fully realize that status.

Synthesis 2012 is finalizing their Yucatan celebration to prepare people for the Mayan prophecy of the Age of the 5th sun. Ceremonies and entertainment will be webcast worldwide, while the spiritual blessings and practical advice for making the transition into the new reality will be given in workshops at the Chichen Itza Festival.

From a spiritual perspective, the place to be on December 21st, 2012 is with the Mayan Elders at Chichen Itza as they welcome the return to the Year Zero. This was the vision of Michael DiMartino for the past 18 years. He got to know the Mayans personally and rather than impose his preconceptions, asked what they needed. Consequently, care was taken to ensure the local Mayans benefited directly.

As the vision began to crystallize, it became clear that this event was something special. Rather than a transplanted local music festival, the focus is built around what the Mayan prophecies actually say. The popular misconception has been that the end of the Mayan Calendar marks the end of the world. What the Mayan prophecies actually predict is a transition period where the unworkable old ways will fall away to be replaced by new ways that will create a new world. Those who are willing to let go of the past and raise their vibration will find themselves aware of a new dimension.

Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men, who will be speaking and leading ceremonies at the events tells us, "According to High Initiation, it is written that the wisdom of the cosmic light will return. When the human race begins to slip into the darkness of ignorance, oblivion, and despair, it will be the wisdom of the seven brothers of our Father Sun that will shed the great light of wisdom in order to awaken the powers that have remained dormant in human beings due to an erroneous form of education. In this New Age, the Mysteries Schools have the responsibility of reclaiming a confused mankind and leading it through the path of the multicolored light of cosmic education.”

What Is The 5th Sun?
The symbolic Mayan message of the age of the 5th Sun is the return of Father Sun after his son defeats the Lords of Xibalba on the cosmic ball court. The Lords of Xibalba represent fear, humiliation and many trials. Accordingly, their defeat marks the a clearing of the way for humanity. The 5th Sun represents humanity’s emergence into enlightenment.

In light of this, the International Mayan Council has chosen Synthesis 2012 to deliver their message to the world. This will take place on a worldwide streaming webcast via its companion website World Unity 2012, in conjunction with many other events taking place simultaneously throughout the world.

Although it contains elements of a live music festival, the secret is found in it's speakers, workshop leaders and wisdom keepers. Synthesis 2012 goes to the heart of what it will take to transition and thrive in the new age of the 5th Sun.

Those who choose to attend will find themselves in the presence of speakers don Miguel Ruiz, Foster and Kimberly Gamble, Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Dr. Joe Marshalla, who’s discoveries in the area of the role of human thought manifesting as physical reality promise to leave attendees with entirely new and useful perspectives on how to live optimally in days to come.

Workshop leaders include experts on integrating ancient wisdom, new sciences and practical advice for the coming transition. Wisdom Keepers from several cultures include Hunbatz Men, Maestro Mazatzin, Venerable Lama Lhanang Rinpoche, Chief Yagbe Owololo Onilu and Nyame Selassi. They will provide perspectives from indigenous communities and traditions about our spiritual evolution and relationship with the natural world.

Ultimately, this festival is a place for people to prepare for the coming changes both spiritually and on the physical level. Those who recognize the opportunity will feel called and take the necessary steps to be present and learn how to make the transition.

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