MobAdWin: The Only App That Pays You to Read Ads

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Mobadwin, the only platform that pays people real cash to read ads on their smartphones, while protecting their privacy, is launching its operations from the Tampa Bay Area.



MobAdWin - The App Store & Google Play's first income opportunity.

Mobadwin LLC launched this November its new Smartphone application, Mobadwin’s “MAW” (Mobile Advertisement Win-Win), giving birth to the only platform that pays people real cash to read advertisement. The test market for this new App is the Tampa Bay Area, known for its diverse population, it’s great technological resources, Universities, inventive businesses.

Mobadwin’s MAW gives business owners a chance to select their target audience by demographic, geographic, interests, and other factors. The business owner then decides his budget, which is generally $1 per person she/he wants to reach.

  • Cash for the smartphone user, make $50+ per week:

The smartphone users download our free app (on appstore and google play under Mobadwin) and voluntarily fill in their profile for which we guarantee privacy and confidentiality.
Through our intermediary, we send the ad that has been designed by the business owner, to the targeted smartphone users. We are a buffer of privacy, we stand guard between the smartphone user and the business, making sure that the profiles remain anonymous and no personal data is ever exposed.
As a reward for the smartphone users, we put 50 cents on their account, per ad that they have opened, viewed and rated. The smartphone users add up 50 cents rewards on their account. When the account reaches a multiple of $25, they can cash in! A few days later, a prepaid debit card will be in their mailbox with money ready to be used for whatever purpose. Up to $50 per week.

  • Feedbacks for the business owner, only pay when it works! :

The business owner creates a campaign, decides a budget, chooses a target. The budget is only spent when the target has been reached and feedback provided. No more paying for ads that end in the trash (paper or electronic).
Moreover, the business owner has the ability to see in real time how the campaign unfolds, modify the content, the parameters and the budget immediately, at no cost.
MobAdWin is a fantastic platform to reach the customers conveniently. The traditional way to advertise is extremely costly and not efficient: you have to send thousands of flyers to reach one prospect. Internet pay per click is not any better with an industry average of 0,05% success rate.
Business owners can use MobAdwin to gather feedback from their customers. This extends beyond the mere advertising. MobAdWin is the cheapest poll and market study system on the planet.
A better penetration of the ads combined with a win-win approach is a no brainer. The business will definitely benefit from the platform. On average $1 per feedback received from the client for small volumes - the cost decreases with the volume.

Why MobAdWin is the future of the mobile marketing industry ?

Unlike other internet marketing companies, we do not take our cut on the promos /coupons /goodies offered by the business that advertises with us. It is not a "pay per click" either, where a bot at the other end of the world is generating false clicks. Also noticeable, we aren't stealing any info about the potential customers. No snooping around in emails, no screening of internet traffic, installation of cookies and other sneaky means to build leads. People participate voluntarily, and remain in complete control of their info, while we guarantee that no one will have access to it. On the business owner's side, the smartphone user is just an anonymous user with parameters.
All in all, the most complete, efficient, respectful and cost effective way to advertise is MAW.

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