Space Dwarves launches Kickstarter campaign for Sci-Fi multiplayer RPG

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'Space Dwarves – Bionic Marine Command' begins fundraising campaign through Kickstarter to raise $1,120,000 to develop and launch unique open world multiplayer RPG

Never Trust Anyone Over 18

We would like you to come along with us, as together we create a game that demonstrates that it is better to be a player, helping to create, rather than a passive spectator.

The CEO of Space Dwarves, Terrence Thompson, announced the launch of “Space Dwarves – Bionic Marine Command,” in conjunction with a Kickstarter funding project to raise $1,120,000. Over two years of design and development have yielded a framework ready for the final push to completion.

The Space Dwarves team members' combination of professionalism, enthusiasm, and team spirit make for an incredibly dynamic group that results in working together feeling like a genuinely uplifting experience. But this should not really come as any surprise, as individual members have worked on projects ranging from G-Force, Batman Begins, Predator: Concrete Jungle and even from as far back as Magic & Mayhem.

“Ensuring quality, availability and security is of vital importance to Space Dwarves.” said Terrence Thompson, creator of Space Dwarves. “That’s why we are working in partnership with an escrow company, to verify that we are developing our game engine in line with the appropriate industry standards & key milestones to provide our contributors with a form of checks and balances which are unprecedented on the platform.”

Under the terms of the software development escrow agreement Space Dwarves supplies Escrow Associates with a copy of the gaming engine which Escrow Associates will hold securely on their behalf. This is evaluated at regular agreed upon intervals to ensure the source code always reflects the functionality required for the stage of development currently funded.

The five key milestones at which Escrow Associates Verifies and releases funds are as follows:

Milestone 1: “Initial” - Full Verification
Milestone 2: “First Playable” - Functionality Verification
Milestone 3: “Alpha” - Functionality Verification
Milestone 4: “Code Freeze” - Functionality Verification
Milestone 5: “Beta” - Full Verification

The Game
This sci-fi multiplayer RPG is a mold-breaking open world multiplayer RPG that will use a skill gain advancement system instead of the 'traditional' experience level gain system. The multiplayer structure will be similar to the server structure with up to a maximum of 24 players per game.

Once basic training has been completed, the player will be able to engage in themed missions based upon type of gameplay selected (marine, mech pilot, space pilot) fought across various environments (military/industrial installations, open battlefields, open space & asteroid fields). Players will be able to join open games or create custom games of their own. Several open world/space and auction/trade games will perpetually run without the need for players to create them. The auction system will be accessible across all open games.

Feature Summary:

  •     Live in-game events, making it vastly different from most other multiplayer games. Varying types of events can run over several days or at specific times with varying difficulties.
  •     Open Skill System
  •     Multi Character Control
  •     Choice of play styles – RPG, first-person shooter, third-person shooter.
  •     Game types – PvE, PvP, Legendary PvP, and Mega PvE
  •     Different Mission Types – Marine Infantry, Mech Pilot, Space Pilot, and Gathering
  •     Players can choose the type of game to make when they sign in, or join an open game
  •     A multiplayer structure that allows up to a maximum of 24 players per game
  •     A social network that is accessible before the character selection screen
  •      An in-game auction system that is accessible across all open games.

Special Assets
The team has developed its own in-house API editor within the Unity™ development software. At the time of writing, it is currently in the process of finishing the API and uploading its assets, and so the engine itself has more features than it is currently able to demonstrate at this precise moment in time.

“The editor lets us set up our vitals, skills, actions, AI, shop items and more without writing a line of code,” Thompson said. “The majority of prefabs are generated from the editor, so there's no need to launch a major operation sifting through game object parents in order to customize things. There's no need to attach them somewhere as they are mostly all loaded automatically. “

Once completed, this editor will allow the team to concentrate on entering game data and develop game levels without the need for programmers for every task. This API will also allow the team to add or change the game specifics without coding.

“The API is so versatile that we can even use the same art assets to make different genres of games such as multiplayer RTS as well as the multiplayer game we are working on now.

“The risks and challenges are many as this project goes forward. We would like you to come along with us, as together we create a game that demonstrates that it is better to be a player, helping to create, rather than a passive spectator.”

Visit Space Dwarves’ Kickstarter site to find out more about the game and how you can help to make it all happen.

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