Study Says Climate Models Predicted Much Warmer Earth; Green Bean Cleaning Urges Everyone to Help Cool Down the Planet with Green Cleaning Products

Study said climate models that predicted the greatest warming of the earth in the future are more accurate. And as a green cleaning company, Green Bean Cleaning suggested to everybody the use of green cleaning products to help cool down the planet.

Green Bay, WI (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

The earth is now warmer than the past years. And according to a report from, a recent study revealed that climate models predicted the temperature to rise even higher in the future. So wanting to help cool down the planet even in just a little way, Green Bean Cleaning suggested to everybody the use of green cleaning products.

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Based on the said report, a NASA-funded study at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado analyzed 16 climate models in the recent years. The study is to basically know how well the models verify relative humidity in the tropical and subtropical regions of the earth. And as it revealed, those models that predicted accurately the humidity in key parts of the planet also predicted the highest rise in earth's temperature.

With that said, the study concluded the models that projected the greatest hike in the planet's temperature were more accurate than those that determined a less warming of it.

And stating that since everybody could be affected by the said rise in temperature of the earth, Green Bean Cleaning asserted that everybody should help cool down the planet. As it said, there are several methods that one could to do to aid the environment.

However, the green site stated that one of the most affordable and easiest steps that anyone can take is to do the green cleaning. The website said that with the right green cleaning products, one can do his or her daily cleaning all while helping the environment.

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Of all the green cleaners though, Green Bean Cleaning only recommended the solutions of My Cleaning Products. It said that they contain no chemical ingredients and therefore, safe. Apart from that, it stated that they were already proven effective by many homeowners, pest-control companies and cleaning contractors.
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