Applied Energy Solutions Releases Maverick High Frequency Battery Chargers

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Applied Energy Solutions' Maverick™ battery charger family offers full selection of High Frequency Battery Chargers for energy cost savings, less emissions, more power capacity.

Maverick High Frequency Charger

“The launch of the Maverick™ High Frequency charger line represents an essential element of all battery powered electric vehicles and large fork lift fleet applications and can mean significant energy cost savings"

Applied Energy Solutions developed its first true “green” energy battery charger for the motive power industry in 2008. This month they introduced the finalized line of complete Maverick High Frequency Chargers.

The Maverick™ is a high efficiency charger that minimizes the amount of power drawn, giving users of electric utility vehicles real cost savings, reduced CO2 emissions and additional power capacity. It is available in conventional, opportunity, and rapid charge start rates. All of the Maverick products are designed to provide excellent re-charging with the minimal consumption of energy. Re-charging can be done accurately and efficiently by using very high switching and conversion of the incoming AC power with IGBT design and the power factor correction circuitry.

The Maverick™ Family Includes:

  •     The Maverick Opportunity Charger with block out times, ease of use interface, programmable control.
  •     The Maverick Multi Pro Opportunity Charger for mixed battery fleets which automatically seeks battery size information and adjusts the charge profile to accurately re-charge in the safest and most efficient manner
  •     The Maverick Conventional Rate Charger for the most energy efficient standard re-charge times

The Maverick™ High Frequency-Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (HF-IGBT) Charger returns more energy at a lower cost than conventional chargers. It has a full load power factor of .95 and is the most efficient charger available, resulting in the lowest operating cost.

“The launch of the Maverick™ High Frequency charger line represents an essential element of all battery powered electric vehicles and large fork lift fleet applications and can mean significant energy cost savings to the user in their daily charging requirements,” said Vern Fleming, President, Applied Energy Solutions.

“It has been documented that with the correct Maverick™ High Frequency charger for your application, most distribution centers can save $100-$200 per year per battery in energy costs,” Fleming said. “Our products conceptually have been consulted with by Rochester Institute of Technology to meet or exceed the stated energy savings figures”

The Maverick’s TCC 2.0 controller allows for lower battery recharge temperature due to a very low ripple current. In addition, the IGBT switching efficiencies at medium and high power are higher and the drive circuitry is simpler. This means that the Maverick™ can be used at higher frequencies without the audio noise found in conventional chargers.

Additional significant energy savings can be realized by utilizing the unit’s programmable controls that enable users to stagger the charger start time outside high cost peak demand periods.
Additional features include:

  •     Delayed start from 15 minutes to 4 hours in 15 minute intervals
  •     Equalize can be done manually, automatically with day/time setting, or every 5    cycles
  •     Auto refresh charge every 24 hours
  •     Programmable charge termination when battery voltage reaches gassing
  •     Remote Control Interface
  •     Auto start with five second delay
  •     Auto shutdown when 80% or final charge exceeds time limit, for excessive voltage or charge current irregularities, and when the maximum battery temperature is exceeded

Applied Energy Solutions manufactures industrial battery chargers for forklifts, pallet jacks and other battery powered transportation equipment. AES makes all products in the USA from design, manufacturing and sub- assemblies to interconnect and final assembly. With a full product offering for every application, AES specializes in fitting the proper battery charger for the application need. Applied Energy Solutions manufactures products for high frequency charging, cold storage, rapid charging, opportunity and multiple-shift charging.For more information on the Maverick™ and the complete line of AES battery chargers, call 1.800.836.2132 or visit

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