Hurricane Sandy Flood Victims Being Overcharged by Bleach Spraying Contractors

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Ron Ragucci, President of Healthier Indoor Sciences, LLC has been getting questions regarding the validity of using bleach to prevent or kill mold. Ron has been asked, "If bleach is not a US EPA recognized mold prevention product, why are contractors charging thousands to spray bleach at homes stricken by flood waters?"

"Bleach does not kill mold," says Douglas Hoffman the Executive Director of the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors.

There may be some confusion with that statement but the fact stands that a product MUST be recognized by the US EPA to be used for a specific application AND Bleach is not one of them.

"The use of chlorine bleach is not recommended as a routine practice during mold cleanup." (from website)

Bleach, at its best will remove and clean the discoloration caused by mold leaving behind the root system (hyphae) which grows beneath the surface. Have you ever wondered why you can clean mold in showers or others surfaces today only to have it return a few weeks later? That's because the root system of the mold was not removed in the first place. The hyphae will enable the mold to return in exactly the same spot some time in the future when conditions are right.

This is potentially a problem because walls will be closed up enclosing mold spores inside the wall where it's the perfect breeding place for new mold to grow, a damp, dark and warm environment.

So the solution is simple, hire a service company that uses a product that is US E.P.A. Registered to kill mold, and it should say it on the label. But be aware, no two mold elimination products are alike. For instance, an application of SmartShield XLC antimicrobial after surfaces are sanitized and mold can no longer thrive on that surface.

Although homeowners can spray surfaces themselves and save thousands of dollars, it's recommended to use a credible contractor to do the work. There are a few peppered along the New Jersey, Staten Island and Long Island Shore that are doing the right thing. "I backed my truck up and pumped a families basement out then sanitized it to prevent mold from starting, all for $300," says one contractor along Long Beach NY.

Common sense rule, "don't be taken", educate yourself, mold is not some outer space creature but rather a simple fungi that can be controlled with the proper spraying of the right product. Don't make this a DIY project unless there is no other choice financially. Always be sure to wear a mask or respirator to prevent the inhalation of mold spores. Hire a credible contractor that does the right thing. The average home sanitizing shouldn't cost more that $800-$1000. Confirm that all surfaces have been sprayed with a US EPA Registered product that says it "Kills, Cleans and Prevents Mold" right on the label.

This article has been written based on discussions with homeowners stricken by flood from Hurricane Sandy as well as contractors. The statements and quotes used have been provided by credible individuals or used from internet sources. Healthier Indoor Sciences, LLC is a NJ based company that supplies US EPA Reg. products and equipment to sanitizing and mold prevention service companies.

Call 866-863-4107 for a list of credible, Insured contractors or to speak to a Representative.

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