Orthodontist In Calgary Implements Patient-Friendly Billing Policy

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One of the most difficult aspects of visiting the dentist for many people is having to deal with the billing. Coordinating with dentist’s offices over whether the insurance company will foot the bill can be a hassle, but one orthodontist in Calgary has recently taken steps to ensure things are extraordinarily straightforward for their clients.

Now offering a patient-friendly billing system...

Because insurance companies are often involved in paying dental bills, handling the claim can quickly become a vexing issue for the patient at the dentist's office.

A beautiful, healthy smile may be important for more than just personal reasons. A smile that is genuinely radiant and undeniable can confer confidence, and can be a major professional asset no matter what career is in question. Those seeking to create a greater degree of oral health and hygiene in their lives are sooner or later going to find themselves at a dentist’s office. Whether it is a routine cleaning, or something more intensive that needs to be undertaken, there are a huge variety of complex and technologically advanced procedures that cosmetic dentists are capable of today to guarantee an entirely brilliant smile is the end result.

A dentist’s office is a place that many have childhood associations with. Whether good or not so good, there is no question that these memories stand out and create a kind of aura around the prospect of visiting the dentist. But gradually a new set of associations can begin to form for adults who need dental work, and one of the standout features of a more adult relationship to the dentist’s office is a keen awareness of how matters of billing are handled. This is a scenario that can quickly become abstruse and hard to handle for the average dental patient.

Because insurance companies are often involved in paying dental bills, handling the claim can quickly become a vexing issue for the patient at the dentist office. That is true especially if no compensatory measures have been taken by the office in question. But this orthodontist Calgary has been around long enough to deal with every variety of complication that can result from the billing process and has implemented a hassle-free direct billing policy to save their patients from any undue stress at the end of the appointment.

The way this policy works is quite simple. Instead of the patient being responsible for filling in a rash of paperwork, the staff at the dentist’s office take care of it. They bill the insurance company first and foremost, ensuring that the maximum claim is extracted for the services rendered, and only then bill the patient if there is a remaining balance. Even if there is a remaining balance, however, it is not charged to the patient until the insurance company has taken care of their end of the bargain. This represents a relatively new and certainly a refreshing attitude on the part of dentists, and should be a welcome policy for the vast majority of this Calgary dentists patients.

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