Fort Worth Dental Now Offers Modern Periodontal Disease Treatment With The FDA Cleared Laser Gum Surgery For Moderate To Sever Gum Disease

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Dentists at Fort Worth Dental reduce the problems associated with gum disease through the use of a revolutionary new treatment. Using the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, dentists remove the majority of the disease from the mouth without using a scalpel and without needing to place sutures in the gums. The laser periodontal disease treatment is considered to be only minimally invasive and only requires a short recovery period.

Fort Worth Dental is a general practice in Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth Dental Now Offers Laser Gum Surgery To Patients Suffering From Gum Disease.

At Fort Worth Dental Dr. Terry M. Zang, Dr. Arthur J. Mund, and Dr. Justin Mund are now using the new Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure for periodontal disease treatment. Because only about one out of a hundred dental professionals are certified and trained on the procedure, the dentists at Fort Worth Dental treat patients suffering from gum disease.

The LANAP protocol uses the specialized PerioLase MVP-7 laser instead of a scalpel to do the work. This means that the body can heal more quickly from the procedure so there is little downtime associated with it. In addition, the laser provides bio stimulation, which helps the entire procedure to be completed with little, if any, pain or discomfort to the patient. Bleeding gums are also minimized and the bone around the teeth is stimulated to regenerate. Approximately 90 percent of the inflammation caused by gum disease is removed while the healthy tissue is left in the mouth; this results in fewer instances of receding gums.

The basic LANAP periodontal disease treatment procedure begins with the dentist using a probe to determine periodontal pocket depth and the amount of detachment that has happened. Next, the laser's pulsing light removes the bacteria and the diseased tissue from the area. The calculus or tartar is removed from the pocket areas of the teeth with ultrasonic scalers. Next, the laser is used to stimulate the root, bone and soft tissue. The tissue forms clots that help it seal to the teeth and it is compacted against the surface of the root so that sutures are not necessary.

Millions of American adults suffer from gum or periodontal disease. The majority of them do not go in for treatment, because they may not realize how serious the problem is, or they may be concerned about pain and discomfort. Using the LANAP protocol, the dentists at Fort Worth Dental treat patients with minimal downtime and discomfort. For more information about the LANAP procedure and the effects of gum disease, visit

Fort Worth Dental is a general practice offering patients personalized dental care for Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Terry M. Zang, Dr. Arthur J. Mund and Dr. Justin Mund are all dedicated to their dental practice, which offers the recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. Focused on preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, they each have unique attributes for the practice. To learn more about Fort Worth Dental and their dental services visit their website at

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