Max Cash Title Loans Issues First Annual List of top 10 Vehicles Used for Title Loans in 2012

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Car Title Loan Service Publishes One-of-a-Kind Inventory of Cars with Highest Values for Refinancing

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If I was a car dealer, I would be proud to tell the potential consumer that their car is in the top 10 cars that hold their value

Already pioneers in the title loan services industry, Max Cash Title Loans and MX Financial Services has escalated their bid to be the authority on car title loans by making public their official rank-and-file of the most popular vehicles used for title loans in 2012. The first-annual published list, the first of its kind in the market, includes the top 40 auto makes that find success in borrowing, as well as the top 10 specific models and top 18 years, based on data from all title loan application received from January through November 2012. This index, Max Cash Title Loans hopes, will assist both consumers and auto dealers in determining a vehicle’s refinancing value in coming years.

“The biggest benefit [taken from this inventory] is educating the public that this type of loan is now a normal way of getting money, and not a ‘back-street deal,’ ” said Max Cash Title Loans President Fred Winchar. “Gone are the loan sharks who would take advantage of the consumer. The industry cleaned up and now there are some very reputable lenders backed by some of the biggest names in banking. If I was a car dealer, I would be proud to tell the potential consumer that their car is in the top 10 cars that hold their value enough for refinancing down the road if they need to do it. That's massive. It's like a real estate agent selling a house and explaining that the house they are showing holds its value enough over a decade, as large financial intuitions would refinance just over the value of the car itself. That is peace-of-mind in purchasing, and we all want that!”

The following data has been extracted and ranked in descending order from Max Cash Title Loan’s records of title loan applicants in 2012, and represents the first in a planned yearly, public distribution of their database to better inform the lending industry as a whole:


1.    Ford    
2.    Chevrolet    
3.    Dodge    
4.    Honda    
5.    Toyota    
6.    Nissan    
7.    Pontiac    
8.    Chrysler    
9.    Jeep    
10.    GMC    
11.     Buick    
12.     Cadillac    
13.     Mitsubishi    
14.     BMW    
15.     Saturn    
16.     Hyundai    
17.     Oldsmobile    
18.     Mercedes    
19.     Mercury    
20.     Mazda    
21.     Kia    
22.     Lincoln    
23.     Volkswagen    
24.     Lexus    
25.     Acura    
26.     Volvo    
27.     Infiniti    
28.     Audi    
29.     Isuzu     
30.     Jaguar    
31.     Plymouth
32.     Subaru
33.     Suzuki
34.     Land Rover
35.     Scion
36.     Hummer
37.     Saab
38.     Bentley
39.     Harley Davidson (rarely do title loan lenders accept motorcycles)
40.     Porsche

Perhaps the most informative data to be pulled here is that, while the most frequently purchased autos in the U.S. are imported, seven of the top 10 makes — as well as the leading three — are American-made brands, with Ford in particular leading in the industry by almost 90 percent more loans than even its second-place competitor, Chevrolet. This discrepancy, says Max Cash Title Loans, can be accounted for by the unique nature of its most common consumer base — namely, blue-collar, middle-class American workers who often invest in American-made products, and may need help moving past a temporary financial hump.

“Blue-collar workers are not around their desks, nor do they have a lot of time to figure out the maze of paperwork needed to close the loan,” said Max Cash Title Loans Vice President Jim Sears. “We started a free service to help people get the job done because there are no better people to do it than ones who do it hundreds of times per week. We also actively work with lenders who are not ‘cherry-picking’ their customers who only want the high-dollar loans. We work with lenders who will work with the average consumer and only ones who can handle bad credit situations.”


1.    Ford Explorer                
2.    Honda Accord                
3.    Jeep Grand Cherokee        
4.    Ford F-150                        
5.    Ford Taurus                
6.     Honda Civic
7.     Ford Expedition
8.     Toyota Camry
9.     Dodge Durango
10.    Chevrolet Impala

It should be noted here that, while Ford cars once again lead the way in both ranking and frequency in this inventory, Chevrolet models (here only represented by the Impala) hold the following four placements following the top 10. This suggests the Detroit automakers’ distinct models are more spread out in their popularity for car title loans, rather than concentrated on any one variety.


1. 2000        
2. 2001    
3. 1999
4. 2003
5. 2002
6. 1998
7. 2005
8. 1997
9. 1996
10. 2006

Representing 1999 through 2003, have had about the same total number of loans used on them as all other years combined. Additionally, the newer the vehicle, it appears, the less likely it is to be used for refinancing.

“Most people buy used cars that are only a few years old and take 72 months to pay off,” Winchar said. “That means the vehicle is already three to four years old when they financed it, then add the six years to pay off the car, and you end up with 10 to 11 years for it to be a paid-off title, and thus, eligible to use for a title loan. But you will see cars that were recently purchased as well. Not everyone does this.”

Also included in this catalog, a more detailed break-down of specific styles of automobiles is below: the more high-end, high-payout loans for luxury cars, along with imported and domestic vehicles.


1.    Cadillac    
2.    Mercedes    
3.    Lexus    
4.    Audi
5.    Jaguar
6.    Bentley


1.    Honda    
2.    Toyota    
3.    Nissan    
4.    Mitsubishi    
5.    BMW
6.     Hyundai
7.    Mercedes
8.    Mazda
9.    Kia
10.    Volkswagen


1.    Ford        
2.    Chevrolet    
3.    Dodge    
4.    Pontiac    
5.    Chrysler
6.    Jeep
7.    GMC
8.    Buick
9.    Cadillac
10.    Saturn

As aforementioned, this inventory is meant as a resource for car buyers and sellers alike, to better educate the public on which vehicles hold the most value over time for refinancing. Max Cash Title Loans hopes this data can be disseminated throughout the auto industry to better the financial lives of everyone who is hurting right now, from blue collars to white, and to take a complex financial world and make it human.

“Information is very vital part of life,” said Donald O’Connor, the Max Cash Title Loans market analyst who researched and organized the above data. “He who has the knowledge has the power, and since we play a major role in helping people financially, I don’t mind that at all.”

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