LCDTVBuyingGuide Provides In-Depth Comparisions on New TV Technologies 4K and OLED

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Editors from CEAG's LCD TV Buying Guide have completed new evaluations of several technologies like LED, 4K, and OLED

Expert Reviewers and Editors from CEAG's TV Buying Guides have written complete versus article on the new technologies of 4K and OLED. “Both technologies are outrageously expensive as 4K TVs enter the market for the first time, and OLED Televisions enter in the large size arena,” explained Robert Wiley, editor of CEAG. Further on in the OLED TV vs 4K TV article, he said, “4K TVs in theory should be just like todays best LED TVs in terms of color accuracy and renditions. While they have improved significantly, I have always felt there is something lacking in the richness of color in LCD/LED Televisions. In OLED displays, each pixel contains red, green, and blue elements, which work in conjunction to create the millions of colors. Insofar as each pixel contains all the elements needed to produce every color in the spectrum, color information is more accurately reproduced with OLED technology than it is with LCD.”

Robert Wiley also wrote up a comparison of Plasma TV vs OLED TV technologies. “Plasma TV technology appears to be much more closely related to OLED TV technology than its rival LCD. This “future of TV” format has many similarities with plasma technique.” He goes on to say, “Plasma technology has always used a lot of power to generate electric pulses to each and every pixel. Though there have been improvements it will not compare with OLED TV in this category. OLED TV will be the most energy efficient TV technology ever produced.”

Lastly there is the OLED TV vs LCD TV article, written by Wiley once again. “OLED televisions excel in black levels and contrast, far exceeding LCD. The stated contrast ratio for the new Sony OLED TV is 1,000,000:1 compared with the highest stated contrast for an LCD of 10,000:1. While both of these contrast figures are unrealistic for actual calibrated TV viewing, they are an indicator of just how superior OLED is in this category. LCD TV manufacturers have made great improvements in black levels and in many cases have managed to match the contrast ratio of plasma displays. However, often even when black levels seem excellent on LCDs the dark matter detail suffers. We do not anticipate this problem with OLED, but it still remains to be seen.”

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Consumer Electronics Advisory Group Inc. operates several premier buying guide websites, including,, and among others. Online since 1999, the company provides objective and thoroughly researched information through professional reviews performed by seasoned reviewers. Editors Robert Wiley and Jack Burden have been reviewing televisions since the first commercial plasma TVs hit the market in year 2000. ISF calibrator John Wirtz has been calibrating televisions professionally for 10 years. The company adheres to strict testing guidelines using the highest caliber equipment. Company web sites have more than 15 million unique visitors each year in the fast growth consumer electronics industry.

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