Clean Water Systems & Stores Inc Teams up with Columbia River Carbonates to Distribute Puri-Cal Calcite to the Marine Market

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Clean Water Systems & Stores is now using Puri-Cal Calcite, made by Columbia River Carbonates, in its line of custom stainless remineralization systems for ships and off-shore platforms and oil rigs. Puri-Cal calcite has now achieved certification by NIPH and is allowed to be used for marine applications where NIPH certification is required.

Clean Water Systems Alkaline Re-Mineralizers Are Used on Many Ships Worldwide

Clean Water Systems & Stores Inc manufactures water treatment systems for adjusting the pH of water. These systems are referred to in different applications with names such as calcite neutralizers, acid neutralizers, calcite neutralizers, alkaline filters, remineralizers and also rehardeners. These systems contain a natural form of pure calcium carbonate made from crushed marble, called calcite and neutralize the pH as the water flows through the reactor vessel.

Calcite neutralizers are used to neutralize the pH of acid water and/or add calcium to waters low in minerals to prevent corrosion of pipe lines and equipment. Calcite neutralizers are used around the world to treat acidic well water, rain water, and add calcium and alkalinity to waters low in minerals after purification by distillation or reverse osmosis.

Marine applications include ships, off shore oil rigs and on-shore facilities using sea water as the primary water source. Sea water is used for drinking water after the salts and impurities are removed. This is accomplished by a membrane system called reverse osmosis, or in a boiler process where the water is heated to steam and condensed back to water. After purification the water is mostly demineralized and can have an acidic pH. The water must be have a neutral pH before it can be used on the ship or oil rig platform.

Clean Water Systems has been designing and supplying calcite neutralizers (called remineralizers in the marine industry) for many years and has customers worldwide. In addition to remineralizers the company sells custom ultraviolet sterilizers, chlorinator and carbon filter systems used on ships and oil rigs. All these systems must comply with rigid marine requirements and be constructed of 316L stainless steel and be able to easily service by the customers service technicians onboard the ship or oil rig.

One of the certifying organizations is called Norwegian Institute of Public Health, or "NIPH". For many ships and off shore rigs especially those operating in the North Sea and European waters, the water treatment system and its components must be NIPH certified. Puri-Cal was submitted to the NIPH board and has now been approved for use in marine applications.

"I am pleased to let you know that we have been approved by the NIPH. Attached is the letter of approval. We look forward to working with you in the sales of Puri-Cal for the North Atlantic marine market", says Nigel Cundy, Director of Sales and Marketing for Columbia River Carbonates.

"Puri-Cal is pure white form of high grade calcite manufactured by Columbia River Carbonates. We have been using it successfully to treat acidic well water in North America and now look forward to using it in our line of Marine Re-mineralizers now that is passed NIPH certification", says Gerry Bulfin, President of Clean Water Systems. "It is particularly well suited for remineralizers in marine applications. It dissolves easily in low pH waters and is 'self-limiting', and will not over-correct the pH and raise the pH to a high alkaline level" said Mr Bulfin.

After passing through the stainless steel remineralizer the water has pH of 7.0 and contains natural calcium minerals which improve taste and prevent the water from corroding pipes and fixtures.

Re-mineralizers must be custom manufacturer according to the design flow rate and other specifications required by the customer. Different applications require different flow rates and have specific size or height requirements. Clean Water Systems provides design and engineering support and CAD diagrams so the engineers designing the ship or off-shore rig can specifiy exactly what their application requires. The end result is a custom system that works well and is easy to service by the on-board technicians.

Clean Water Systems & Stores Inc has been designing and supplying water treatment systems for ships worldwide including disinfection and filtration systems for over 25 years. In addition to systems for ships, the company specializes in well water treatment systems for numerous water quality problems such as iron, manganese, sediment, and other contaminants.

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