New York Gets Moldy After Sandy; Optimal Chemical Suggests Use of Molderizer to Help Residents Clear the Moldy Problems

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Mold stroke New York after Sandy flood water receded. To help residents deal with the possible mold infesation, Optimal Chemical suggested to them the use of the organic-based mold removal spray Molderizer.

But more than just being prompt, and effective, Optimal Chemical said that the mold treatment must also be safe.

Two weeks after it made hit, super storm Sandy was still causing new problems to the New York state. According to a report from, those new problems basically arose from mold presence. And wanting to help, Optimal Chemical suggested to the residents the use of the organic-based mold remediation spray called Molderizer.

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The report stated that the mold troubles New Yorkers now face are basically because of the flooding that Sandy brought in. It said that although the water has now receded, houses were not completely dried out. And the damp condition that created put many houses to mold infestation risk, it added.

Given that mold could start an infestation within 24 hours, the report related that experts advised the Empire State residents to be proactive with their fight against the spores. To do that, Optimal Chemical said that one must implement a prompt mold inspection and treatment.

The website said that with a prompt inspection and treatment, one can detect and contain mold infestation early on. That prevents the worst damages that the infestation can bring. Moreover, that saves house members from health risks as stuffy nose, irritated eyes, skin irritation, asthma and other allergic reactions.

But more than just being prompt, and effective, Optimal Chemical said that the mold treatment must also be safe. That's safe for the user and everyone else. And so it recommended to the residents My Cleaning Product's Molderizer.

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Relating that it is made with natural ingredients, Optimal Chemical said that Molderizer spares anybody exposed to it from chemical-related health risks. And as it could still deliver an effective and prompt mold remediation even without strong chemical elements, it makes the best mold removal help to get.

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