New Zzz Filters for iPad and iPhones are Selling at Record Rate

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The thin, highly adherent filters that block the blue light that suppresses melatonin are finding a ready, world-wide market. They are available from Photonic Developments LLC at They are very durable and are quick and easy to install and remove.

News stories are appearing almost daily that talk about how exposing the eyes to light from electronic devices is ruining sleep, especially of young people. Studies have shown that spending a couple of hours in the evening with an iPad can drop the melatonin level by more than 20%. Even a small drop has been demonstrated to make it harder to fall asleep. Even more serious is the delay in the setting of the circadian clock that is caused by exposure to light at night. This means the young person will have a hard time waking up in the morning in time for school.

This problem of sleepy students is so serious some school systems are switching to a later starting time. The blue light blocking products from can help avoid this problem. By using iPad/iPhone filters or blue blocking eyeglasses or special light bulbs after 8 or 9 in the evening lets the body start making melatonin much earlier so it finishes by wakeup time. This lets the students arrive at school wide awake and ready to learn...

Scientists at the University of Surry in the UK and at Harvard have discovered that the lighting levels found in a typical home are sufficient to significantly delay the start of the flow of melatonin and reduce the amount produced. This results in an increase in the time to fall asleep and a reduction in the time spent in deep, restorative sleep. Other studies at the University of Toronto have shown that wearing glasses that block blue light restores the flow of melatonin as if the person were in darkness.

In addition to helping people sleep better (money back if they don’t help) using light control to maximize melatonin production may have many other health benefits. These may include reduced risk of some types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It’s time to tune your circadian clock and reap all the benefits.

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