Cheap New iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini Deals Sales iPad 3, iPad 2, New iPad Mini Black Friday 2012

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Cheap New iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini Deals Sales iPad 3 iPad2 iPad Mini Special Prices Last Minute Discount for Apple iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPod Cyber Monday iPod. Check Out Special Prices at

Cheap New iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini Deals Sales iPad 3, iPad2, New iPad Mini 2012

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About iPad Mini Black Friday and iPad Mini Cyber weekday 2012 Deals

It is expected that iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini Deals Sales 2012 that will occur on the 26th of November, will make history within the global trade. On the said day, Apple will trim down the original price of the a lot of coveted handsets. Lots of people are looking for iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini Deals Sales 2012 with the upcoming Cyber Monday. People will grab special offers to save lots of this season.

About Cheap New iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini Deals Sales:

iPad mini features a beautiful 7.9-inch display, iSight and FaceTime cameras, the A5 chip, ultrafast wireless, and up to 10 hours of battery life. And over 275,000 apps on the App Store made for iPad also work with iPad mini. So it's an iPad in every way, shape, and slightly smaller form.

Product Features

  •      7.9 inch LED-backlit display
  •      5MP iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording
  •      FaceTime camera
  •      Up to 10 hours of battery life
  •      Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)

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Apple iPad Mini Cyber Monday iPad Mini Review:

Like some of us, I bought my iPad 3 early this year and really enjoyed it. The entertainment values coupled with the productivities boost make iPad a worthwhile purchase. For iPad mini however, the competitors are real and decisions are harder than ever before. It maybe the most promising tablet of today but does it deserve your hard earned cash?

Below is my observations after using it for some time:
-perfect form factor. Feather weight, incredibly thin yet feel substantial.
-good for games that require lots of maneuverability.
-huge number of existing high quality iPad apps available for iPad mini.
-most ideal ebook reader period.
-act as a portable digital album with enough real estate for detail showcasing.
-perfect for work use. Much lighter to carry and pass around showing demos etc.
-less awkward for camera use.
-less awkward to pull out in the middle of a bus ride and watch a movie.
-sustain much longer period of holding without hand straining.
-one hand holding. not quite one hand usage but feels great to be able to hold comfortably in one hand.
-bring everywhere, use anywhere. almost pocket sized and serve well as nightstand and desk accessory (alarm clock, desk weather display etc).
-perfect travel companion. ultra long battery life. easy to pack, carry and use at all times.
-perfect notetaker/notepad. In meetings/conferences, easy to carry around and write on.
-perfect for children. it may be mini but the most ideal iPad in terms of size and weight for them.

minor negatives:
-would prefer bigger screen for mindless browsing.
-retina hd for video playback won't hurt.
-easier to mistype in portrait mode.
-some games just look better on the bigger iPad.
-Apple may screw us by releasing a retina display iPad mini with the same price early next year.
-not an inexpensive tablet. Costs almost the same as a slightly used iPad 3.
-complements but does not completely replace the iPad. May need to carry both in same cases.

So who should rush out and buy iPad mini now? Road warriors and avid book readers will most benefit from the perfectly sized iPad mini. It weights only 10.88 oz (0.68 pound) which is at least 10% lighter than the nearest 7" competitor (nexus 7), not to mention much thinner (a ridiculous 30% thinner) and with a larger screen to boost! the most current iPad with its 1.44 pounds, is more than double the weight of mini which maybe significant if you are holding and carrying it all day. gamers may be slightly disappointed since it is equipped with the old A5 processor chip and the non-retina display (1024 x 768) is less than ideal when compared with the current retina (2048 x 1536) iPad. However, the screen resolution is very much comparable to its current 7" competitors where 1280 x 800 pixels is the norm. But keep in mind that the iPad mini processor (dual core 1.0 Ghz 512mb RAM) is the weakest among its peers (nexus 7 quad core 1.2 GHz 1GB RAM, kindle hd dual core 1.2 GHz 1GB RAM). I doubt any one will notice the difference but performance geeks may beg to differ.I am also a bit disappointed that the iPad mini with its much smaller size and lower screen resolution, does not have significantly better battery life compared to its bigger sibling. I was also hoping to see a micro usb and hdmi port, but that didn't materialize.

Photographers rejoice! With its perfect size, we can finally find reasons to use iPad mini as a camera as well. Its 5 MP rear camera resolution is adequate for taking casual pictures as it has the same resolution as its more expensive sibling. Shooting 1080p videos is also supported which is great. It feels really comfortable holding the iPad mini for shooting videos given its ample screen size in an ultra lightweight package. iPad mini beats out all its closest competitors, including google nexus 7 and kindle hd as they have 0 MP. they don't come with rear facing camera at all! Unfortunately wifi-only iPad mini does not come with GPS, otherwise Garmin, watch out! It would have make a perfect portable navigation system. Its the one area where nexus 7 has an edge as it has both NFC and GPS built in. NFC (Near field Communication) is an amazing piece of technology that allows us to use our mobile device as credit card payments and even transferring of data or images to other NFC-enabled devices just by touching. I hope Apple can consider adding this to their future products as this would make iPad mini even more awesome. iPad mini however has a 64 GB storage option (which I recommend) and 4G LTE connectivity option which are not available among its rivals. Mini tablets cross shoppers may also find the iPad mini physical appearance much more appealing. While kindle hd and nexus 7 do feel good in my hands, iPad mini feels even better as the build quality is undeniably more superior. Who doesn't like the sexy unibody aluminum build? The huge library of available iPad apps is also a deciding factor since only a fraction of android apps are designed for tablet use. There is no objective way to measure it, but I just found Apple iOS more user friendly than the android so it maybe more appealing to broader audiences.

For people considering trading in their iPad 3 for a mini, a significant drop in text quality may have to be expected. There is no noticeable differences to me while browsing images, however while reading large blocks of text, the drop in text quality is quite pronounced. Text appeared to be fuzzy and less crisp (especially in foreign characters where each character has more strokes), when compared to the razor sharp and clear text in retina display. For me personally, it is a tradeoff I am willing to make for extreme portability with almost identical features.

Besides practical reasons to owning it, there are aesthetics reasons too. iPad mini is just so beautiful to look at as it is indeed a piece of engineering marvel. I see iPad mini as the perfect travel entertainment device where as iPad is the perfect home entertainment device. Happy hunting!

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