Daimer Releases Steam Cleaner for Homeowners

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Homeowners demand high-quality commercial steam cleaners from reputable providers. A powerful vapor steam cleaner model made for professional steam cleaning contractors is available to the public right during the holiday season.

Steam Cleaner - Daimer KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS

Daimer KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS Steam Cleaner

Daimer® is proud to release to homeowners the KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS, the company's best steam cleaner model in the Pro Plus series. The most popular commercial steam cleaner of its type on the market is now available on promotion at low prices ...

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the world's leading brand of steam cleaners, such as steam vacuum cleaners, industrial steam cleaner systems, and popular carpet steam cleaner machines to over 200 countries, is shipping to homeowners and apartment dwellers the company's commercial grade KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS commercial steam cleaner. The steam cleaning machine produces powerful vapor steamer flow of up to 310º F within about seven minutes, and offers pressure ranges up to 75 psi for effective hard surface cleaning power. The company's vapor systems are ideal for cleaning most surfaces within homes, including spots and areas of carpeting, but is not considered a carpet steam cleaner of the type pros use to deeply clean carpet fibers.

“Homeowners are aggressively searching for the best steam cleaner technology they can find on the internet. Many have tried using cheap vapor steam cleaner machines, but the vapor systems stopped working after a relatively short period of time. The days of buying low-quality steam machines are coming to a close,” says Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesperson Matthew Baratta. “Daimer® is proud to release to homeowners the KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS, the company's best steam cleaner model in the Pro Plus series. The most popular commercial steam cleaner of its type on the market is now available on promotion at very low prices, to the point where buying low-quality machines makes no sense anymore. Daimer® machines will last for many, many years.”

Dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens are present within most homes and apartments. Unfortunately, exposure to them by those with allergies, asthma, COPD, and other ailments, can aggravate symptoms in children, pets, and the elderly. The KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS highly portable steam cleaner will help remove these and most, general substances on many hard surfaces.

Cleaning hardened food build-up in refrigerators, ovens, and dish washers is easy as well as dissolving grease, oils, and other debris. The system is excellent for hard floor steam cleaner, such as tile and grout cleaning; mirrors; trash cans; hard wood and linoleum floors; leather, vinyl, and plastic furniture; auto detailing of most hard surface interiors, and virtually unlimited other applications.

The best steam cleaners are produced to include the best materials, components, and features. The KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS includes a 100% polished, stainless vapor steam housing versus plastic and other materials offered by other brands. Obviously, stainless steel is the best and most rugged steam machine casing available in the industry. In fact, most of Daimer®'s customers prefer stainless steel boiler system housings.

Every Daimer® Pro Plus 300CS steam cleaner includes continuous-refill, and patented, self-cleaning boiler technology. Continuous-refill is the company's highly popular technology, which allows the operator to fill the machine's water chamber at any time without the need to power it down. The user merely pulls a non-threaded cap, then adds water. The professional steam cleaner boiler always maintains a high level of Super-Heated water, so any water drawn into the boiler creates no degradation of water temperature and boiler pressure.

Other brands offer steam cleaning machines that do not include continuous-refill, but rather require the user to depressurize the machine before removing a threaded cap, then reheating. This process can take up to an excruciatingly long 40 minute period.

Daimer® self-cleaning technology works when a continuously-vibrating floater mechanism within the boiler helps to shake off scale build-up. The result if the boiler stays cleaner, and pressure and temperature are maximized.

Every Daimer® Pro Plus 300CS in bundled with a variety of parts and accessories. The company offers a free bonus to those customers ordering online.

For Additional Information:

Visit Daimer®'s official website or call Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220 for more information about the Daimer® Pro Plus 300CS. The steam machines are available to ship globally. Systems are marketed worldwide to most nations.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:

Daimer Industries, Inc.® is the world leader in technologically advanced industrial steam cleaner systems, steam pressure washers, carpet cleaning equipment, steam vacuum cleaner systems, industrial carpet cleaning machines, hard surface machines, and hundreds of other machines and models with patented, proprietary technologies.

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