Best App Builder - Holy Cow Apps Set To Release New QR Coupon System For Business Owners

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There is a minor revolution going on in the small business community and it has to do with the use of mobile apps as a source of advertising, as a calling card and as a way of communicating with clients. Right now one of the most impressive app building tools comes from Holy Cow Apps out of Calgary, and they’ve just received some glowing praise from a satisfied client. But this is a business not content to rest on their laurels, and in the near future they are expected to update their software, providing a QR coupon system and loyalty program for business owners.

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Holy Cow Apps understands what business owners are looking for in their mobile apps builder. They know that the builder has to be easy to use and straightforward in its interface.

For the past few years, the big question in small business communities has been how to effectively market. The old strategies simply aren’t effective anymore. Snail mail marketing is a thing of the past, and even text message based marketing, which once held a lot of promise, does not have the same following as it once did.

Today the attention of most small business owners has turned to a different side of mobile marketing: the use of mobile apps and smart phones to reach a wider audience, and to communicate more effectively with their clientele. The advantage to using a mobile application is simple: it allows the business owner to communicate directly with their client, without having to clutter up their email inbox or otherwise bombard them with distracting messages.

The app is the centralized space on the client’s smart phone where they can go whenever they want to learn what is new and exciting with their favourite local businesses. All communication is compartmentalized to this space, so learning about new sales or taking advantage of coupons and limited time offers is something the prospective customer is participating in freely, due to the sleek nature of the presentation.

Because the effectiveness of this method has already been demonstrated rather widely, the question that remains for most business owners and professionals is which app builder software they are going to use. This can be a difficult decision as there are many choices on the market, but in Canada one company, Holy Cow Apps, has begun to distinguish itself from the pack, by narrowing its focus and ensuring that its mobile app builder software does three things best.

Holy Cow Apps understands what business owners are looking for in their mobile apps builder. They know that the builder has to be easy to use and straightforward in its overall interface. To achieve this, the builder also has to be simple and elegant. Finally all of this simplicity and ease-of-use would be for nought if the final product isn’t up to a high standard: the builder has to do its job.

Although the brains at Holy Cow Apps put a lot of time and effort into achieving a design for their software that accomplished these three goals (ease-of-use, simplicity, and functionality), it was still gratifying to see a new client effusively happy with the end result. In his own words, Gavin, the client in question, said, “I looked and looked and tried out almost all of the app building solutions and in my humble opinion you are the best that I have seen and I chose to do business and spend my money with you.”

This is only the beginning for Holy Cow Apps. They are also getting ready launch their mobile app builder white label program, which would put their software in the hands of any interested entrepreneur who wanted to market it and sell it. The white label program is still under development, but when it’s released it promises to take into account the concerns and priorities of entrepreneurs the same way the original app builder software factors in the primary interests of business owners.

The launch of their white label program should come shortly on the heels of a new offering for business owners. Soon Holy Cow Apps will be updating their mobile apps builder software to enable the creation of loyalty programs and QR coupon campaigns. The idea behind these campaigns is simple, and they represent an elegant upgrade from outmoded forms of providing loyalty programs (such as stamp cards).

With the new mobile apps built with Holy Cow Apps' software, business owners will be able to source their loyalty programs through an app on their client's smart phone. Let's say the business owner is a hairdresser. If there is an offer where, after client gets five haircuts, the sixth is free, this program can now allow the business owner to scan in the stamp code, automating the system and enabling a message like, "You've Earned A Free Haircut," to be delivered directly to the client's phone, after the fifth haircut.

The QR coupon system will be equally streamlined. Short for "Quick Response Codes," people have been seeing these abstruse square codes, that look like a scrambled barcode, all over the place. Using the app builder from Holy Cow Apps, a business owner will be able to make a coupon and add a QR code to it, then wherever their prospective client encounters the code (whether in an online ad, on Facebook or in print somewhere), they only have to scan it using their mobile app to unlock the coupon.

These are just a few of the updates and upgrades soon to be offered by Holy Cow Apps.

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