Real-time Intelligence Reports Max Security Solutions provides intelligence reports for the MENA & Africa Regions

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Max Security is now providing a free trial for its real-time Intelligence Reports ( The global security consulting firm is offering qualified individuals from corporations and governments a special opportunity to obtain, for a limited time, detailed reports about threats in the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, free of charge. Countries in these regions are volatile, but can hold strong ROI potential for businesses venturing there. Max’s intelligence can help corporations minimize their operating risks there.

A Max Security intelligence report highlighted local unrest and security challenges for foreign embassies in Libya weeks before the terrorist attack was carried out on the US Embassy Staff.

Max Security’s Intelligence reports publicize the warning signs, on a country by country basis. According to Max Security Intelligence Director Dor Raveh, “A Max Security intelligence report highlighted local unrest and security challenges for foreign embassies in Libya weeks before the terrorist attack was carried out on the US Embassy Staff.”

Max’s Intelligence Reports provide a daily and weekly synopsis on security developments for all countries within coverage areas and more in-depth reports for major developments. Countries covered include Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and more. Subscribers can expect frequent updates on terror attacks, protests, power outages, natural disasters, civil strikes, traffic congestion, elections and more.

Yet, Max also offers a more extraordinary service: A customizable set of briefings known as “Tactical Intelligence Monitoring” ( According to Max Security Intelligence Manager Daniel Nisman, “Tactical Intelligence Monitoring" can include any of the following services: itinerary-based monitoring, coverage for special events and asset monitoring. These reports provide detailed up-to-date news, maps and areas of turbulence. Tactical intelligence updates are an important part of facilitating secure travel and business continuity. Max offers tactical intelligence for high profile visits to large areas of the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe. Max’s services are also very beneficial for companies that have an ongoing presence in unsafe environments and who require both intelligence and security consulting.”

Max Security’s intelligence department has been providing safety, security, and cultural information to multi-national corporations operating in the Middle East for years. “It’s our job to sniff out the protest, political turmoil, or terror attack before it happens,” exclaimed Ron Gilran, an Intel Manager on the Max team. “In order to do that, we triangulate between a variety of sources, including social media such as blogs and twitter, local media and ground contacts, to identify any indicator to instability.”

Overall, militancy, terrorism, crime, political protests, natural disasters and infrastructure failures occur more frequently in the MENA and Africa regions. Weak internal security and corruption typically make them far more disruptive to business continuity. Basic travel and bureaucratic obstacles are also more prevalent. However, Max can provide intelligence on simple and complex obstacles alike.

After building a strong reputation and wealth of experience in the corporate sector, Max Security has now increased its coverage areas to include more countries. The company can provide greater flexibility of services and is prepared to provide solutions to the many logistical, cultural, linguistic, and security challenges that corporations and governments face when operating in the Middle East and Africa’s most volatile environments.

According to Nisman, “In today’s world, all it takes is a caricature in a far-off newspaper for chaos to break loose. Suddenly your business can become a primary target for anger and unrest. Time enables you to make sound decisions. Real-time intelligence reports are your key to determining the situational security measures needed to protect your assets.”

Max’s Intelligence reports are unique due to their ability to pinpoint locations of trouble and even predict them ahead of time. Max is encouraging qualified individuals to sign up for MENA Intelligence Reports and Africa Intelligence Reports to improve their risk management.

About Max Security: Max Security is a global security company with offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company specializes in Intelligence, Executive Protection Services, Security Consulting and Close Protection Training

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