Naturecast Pets Explains Why Dog Mites are no Threat to Humans

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Many pet owners are worried about picking up illnesses or skin conditions from their pets, but Naturecast Pet Products research team wants everyone to know that mites are not one of them.

Dr. Tim Anderson recently assured dog owners that they don't have to worry about catching their dog's skin mites. Many pet owners are worried about picking up illnesses or skin conditions from their pets, but the Naturecast pet products research team wants everyone to know that Dr. Anderson's statement in November 1012 was correct and mites are not one of them. The company that specializes in bringing pet owners the most up to date and critical information on how to effectively keep your pet naturally healthy, believes that humans should not be afraid to catch certain health conditions from their pets.

One of the main health conditions people are often concerned about is mites. Demodex mites are little mites that live on the skin on dogs. These mites are actually harmless to the dog and will most likely never be noticed. The only time the dog has a skin reaction to the mites is if the dog has a genetic disorder which makes the mites multiply more than normal. Even in such cases, the owner is not at risk for catching the mites and will not be affected by their presences in their pets.

If a dog does have the ability to make the mites multiply quicker than normal, the owner will notice because of the lesions on the dog’s skin. Between the mite bites and the dog scratching the irritated skin, the owner will notice the patches of irritation. If and when this occurs in the pet, it is very easy to use a dip to treat the skin and kill the mites. There is also an oral treatment in which will kill the mites. The oral medicine is easier to give the dog and is less messy, but it is up to the dog owner and their veterinarian how to treat the mites.

However, through the realization in Demodex mites and treating the dogs with the accelerated growth rate of the mites, a human cannot catch the mines and the condition is not transferrable to a human. The mites are species related and stick to that particular type animal; in this case, it’s the dog… just a dog.

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