Dr. Rafik Benaissa and Attorney Hatem Kourda Reject Swiss indictment, Call it a Masquerade Type of Justice Procedure

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Dr. Rafik Benaissa and Attorney Hatem Kourda reject Riadh Ben Aissa’s indictment by Swiss Justice and question Swiss Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber’s fairness in prosecuting the SNC Lavalin case, calling the whole affair a masquerade type of justice procedure.

Dr. Rafik Benaissa

Dr. Rafik Benaissa, brother of former SNC Lavalin’s executive Riadh Ben Aissa, and legal counsel Tunisia-based Hatem Kourda reject Swiss Department of Justice’s indictment (http://www.reuters.com November 25, 2012) and question the fairness of the investigation led by Swiss Federal Prosecutor Mr. Michael Lauber.

“All along this unfortunate affair, strangely enough only one name, that is Riadh Ben Aissa, kept coming back as a major villain. A man pictured by SNC Lavalin and the media as a rogue employee who could manage the transfer of colossal sums of money for 11 years without any of SNC Lavalin’s executives and members of the SNC Lavalin’s board of trustees knowing it or knowing the money’s whereabouts (http://www.snclavalin.com, press release February 09 2012). I didn’t know that my brother was a magician or Superman. My brother is being indicted but none of the SNC Lavalin’s members who made a fortune during the Kadhafi years have to face the law. Mr. Michael Lauber’s procedure seems to be obsessed by my brother but at no times mentions the brain and the sponsor called SNC Lavalin. Also, it is not a coincidence that my brother, a fragile and exhausted family man, was detained in a small cell with no charges for so long. After all, we’re in the era of regimes changes, witch hunts, and vendetta type of justice. Mr. Michael Lauber and his team have created a "Swiss Spring" kind of justice in Switzerland for my brother. A tailor-made kind of justice to please the new regime in Libya and to protect Switzerland's needs for Libyan oil." says Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

“The indictment itself proves even more how the Swiss legal procedures against Riadh Ben Aissa are flawed and unfair. The man is detained and prosecuted as if he acted alone. Riadh Ben Aissa was an employee for 27 years and was encouraged and sponsored by Canadian engineering giant SNC Lavalin. Employees from SNC Lavalin have already witnessed that the company had in fact developed a whole department dedicated to the Libya business with the Kadhafi regime (http://www.theglobeandmail.com September 26 2012). Clearly, SNC Lavalin gave Riadh Ben Aissa a large amount of money and sent him to do business with the Kadhafi regime paying him even a salary and promising him bonuses for his Libya's mission (http://www.snclavalin.com press release October 26 2010). Riadh Ben Aissa accomplished SNC Lavalin's "mission impossible" in Libya and was even cited as a hero employee for his miracle deals in the SNC Lavalin’s success story book. The indictment in Switzerland is a travesty of a justice procedure, one where an employee is accused of crimes while his employer and sponsor is untouched. Also, the legal procedures seem to be limited to Switzerland which is by itself suspicious. The Swiss department of justice has even signed deals with former high level SNC Lavalin executives and supervisors of Riadh Ben Aissa in order to get a free hand type of justice in the case against Riadh Ben Aissa (http://www.cbc.ca September 26 2012). I have not heard either about Canada’s Attorney General questioning SNC Lavalin involvement in this affair. It seems that SNC Lavalin got itself a sweet heart kind of deal in having the whole affair limited to the Swiss jurisdiction and having only one culprit: Riadh Ben Aissa. This is nothing but a historic colossal scapegoat story” says Attorney Hatem Kourda.

“We will fight this shameful procedure against my brother. This indictment has only one “raison d’etre”: regime changes and a vendetta type of mentality. Had Kadhafi been still in power, my brother wouldn’t have been indicted and Switzerland would have continued to put up with Kadhafi’s temper and buying his very much needed oil. We have no deadline and will use every court of law available to ridicule this banana republic type of justice procedure against my brother” concludes Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

Attorney Hatem Kourda Avocat

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