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Free Provillus For Men and Women

Provillus is FDA approved natural supplement taken by men and women today in order to increase hair growth and fight against hair loss

New York, California, USA (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

Provillus hair growth treatment is a natural solution not only stops hair loss, but also to strengthen and nourish the scalp for perfect growth of hairs. It comes in different formulations for men and women. It contains a variety of vitamins and supplies the proper nutrition to bring the dead hair follicle back to life and prevent hair loss from occurring.

Thinning and shedding hair may create a lot of trouble for both men and women. Losing hair losses confidence and low self esteem, but Provillus is here to provide you healthy hair and an effective way to get your confidence back!

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After conducting various experiments and research studies, recently the medical sciences has identified the main cause of hair loss is both hormonal and genetic disorders. The increased level of DHT - a hormone is responsible for controlling hair growth. As the age grows, this hormone appears in higher quantity.

In fact it shrinks the hair follicle therefore it is considered to stop the hair growth. The more DHT that gets put into your body, the more your hair follicle become thinner and finer until the hair is permanently lost.

Scientists researched that herbs like Saw Palmetto and Nettle root has strong abilities to stop hair fall as a result they designed this wonder product accordingly.

Provillus Hair Growth treatment formula:

  •     Is made up of all natural ingredients effective for hair and scalp health
  •     Helps to slow down shedding of hairs, gets to the root of problem and grows new hair
  •     Has no chemical substances
  •     blocks hormones harmful for hair growth
  •     Provides you 100% desired results in 4 to 6 weeks
  •     Not only stops hair fall but also prevents the reoccurrence of hair fall
  •     provides all nutrients essential for hair health
  •     is Natural, easy and effective way of hair growth with no side effects
  •     is approved by FDA
  •     offers a 100% Money back guarantee

Let’s have a look on the way this amazing product does prevents hairs from falling and re grows new hairs

Provillus hair growth solution contains some active ingredients against this Hormone like Palmetto and Nettle Root, which blocks DHT and prevents hairs from falling and supply the proper nutrient to your scalp and hair follicle to make it healthy and does allow it grow new hair.

Also, it does contain Minioxidal as an active ingredient which have been proved effective and considered safe for hair re growth by Food and Drug Association America.

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Provillus For men hair loss

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