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BitCandy, a free Internet Radio filter, provides handpicked music where listeners control the charts.

Of course you have the Pandora’s of the world… but computer algorithms will never truly take the place of a hand picked humanized playlist and DJ experience.

Music lovers are tired of being underwhelmed with Internet Radio that regurgitates the same top 100 songs, as well as being overwhelmed with millions of songs that are impossible to navigate through. BitCandy offers an original alternative as a Music Filter that allows people to listen to free music, which is handpicked, curated, and organized by real music lovers.

This curated BitCandy Music Filter and HTML5 Internet Radio has three modules to listen to free Indie, Alternative Pop & Electro music. The website also has cutting edge music reviews to learn more about the artists. With the countless number of music blogs and millions of YouTube videos scattered around the Internet, it is difficult to track down promising new indie music. BitCandy has a simple solution. Gather songs by budding and rising artists and then let the fans themselves decide what is good music and what is not. “True music fans listen to music to feel alive and to be enlightened with music discovery.” Glitch, a representative of BitCandy, said. “Of course you have the Pandora’s of the world… but computer algorithms will never truly take the place of a hand picked humanized playlist and DJ experience.”

Each of the three BitCandy modules has its own chart, tracking the best music in each genre. Instead of record companies, who are often biased, deciding what is the finest music around, at BitCandy, the listeners rate the songs they hear and the results are then reflected in the Charts. This gives any visitor of the site a clear list of the most promising new songs that have been chosen by fellow music lovers, with no ulterior motives.

BitCandy has a different vision than many other Internet radio filters that offer free radio music. They actually want the traditional, mainstream music industry to fail. In the new music industry, which is reinventing itself right now, BitCandy believes that it is the trusted music filters that will be the source of great, new, “digitally wrapped” music. Digitally wrapped content means that any song found through their filter has links to that band’s social media like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, iTunes and Wikipedia. Therefore, BitCandy acts as a gateway to the best new songs in the music world.

BitCandy was founded in 2012 to provide music lovers an alternative to the traditional music sources. As a trusted music filter, BitCandy works with its listeners to share the most outstanding music being created right now. The site offers free music, reviews, charts and endless opportunities for anyone obsessed with music.

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