Double Dog Dare Media Releases Company's First iPad Kid's Book

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Double Dog Dare Media introduces its first children's book series and characters, "Weenie Dog & Mustard."

Double Dog Dare Media LLC

"With 'Insects, Aside!', we want to both introduce new readers to the hilarious world of Weenie Dog & Mustard, as well as provide a solid reading and learning experience to kids and their families," said Shawn Pero, CEO of Double Dog Dare Media.

Announcing the first entry in its new iPad children's book series, Double Dog Dare Media, Llc. today released "Weenie Dog & Mustard In: Insects, Aside!" an interactive storybook app available exclusively on the iPad platform. The book is available for all of Apple's iPad tablet computers, including the recently-released iPad mini. The book offers a multitude of sound effects, animations and activities while introducing the newest blockbuster cartoon duo of Weenie Dog & Mustard in their first adventure.

The app is the first product from Double Dog Dare Media, Llc., a Bronxville, New York-based company that is initially focusing on delivering quality children's entertainment apps to iOS devices. "Insects, Aside!" will first be available on the iPad family of tablet computers, with planned ports to other iOS products such as the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as standalone minigames that will debut across all iOS platforms.

"Weenie Dog & Mustard In: Insects, Aside!" features several different interaction styles for users of all reading levels: a fully narrated "Read To Me" mode lets any skill level practice reading and follow along, while the "Read It Myself" mode lets users have fun with all the animation and sound effects while being able to read the story on their own, at their own pace. Each page features fun animation and sound effects, along with a kid-friendly yet catchy soundtrack by Philadelphia-based band "The Meta". Also included is a drawing feature that lets users create their own artwork that is featured in several parts of the story. "Insects, Aside!", like all future Weenie Dog & Mustard books, features a discussion page where adults and children can come together to talk about and explore themes contained in the book.

Furthermore, "Insect Aside" will debut at an introductory price of $0.99 until the first major revision, which will feature more games and activities. Users who purchase the book at the introductory price will not be required to pay for any upgrades. Among the planned features is a record-your-own-narration mode where users can create recordings of their own voices reading the narration to play back during reading.

"With 'Insects, Aside!', we want to both introduce new readers to the hilarious world of Weenie Dog & Mustard, as well as provide a solid reading and learning experience to kids and their families," said Shawn Pero, CEO of Double Dog Dare Media. "Our goals are to create entertaining stories that promote healthy life lessons while being entertaining and fun. We're convinced kids (and grownups!) will love all the skewed stories of Weenie Dog & Mustard, which explore how to be good a good friend, family member and citizen with a twist. Our ultimate goal is to follow in the footsteps of popular iOS franchises like Angry Birds: introducing strong, charming characters via inexpensive, quality software and expand into other media, such as toys as animation."

About Double Dog Dare Media, Llc.
Double Dog Dare Media is based in Bronxville, NY, just outside of New York City. We have one goal at Double Dog Dare: to make extremely fun software for iOS and iPad hardware; software that both kids and their parents can explore and enjoy together. That's what drives us: family fun and togetherness. We have three main philosophies that help us put this into practice:

1. Fun and Funny - This means that above all, whatever software you're using from Double Dog Dare will be fun to experience. We don't do saccharine-sweet or boring stuff; we want both the kids playing with our apps and the grownups helping them experiencing it to have fun.

2. Never Talk Down - Double Dog Dare respects kids and their intelligence, and we'll never pander or assume that our younger users won't understand what's happening. This means that while we will always create entertainment that's age-appropriate, kids will never think we're making products "for babies."

3. Families Playing Together - The culmination of the previous two goals, Double Dog Dare wants parents and kids to be able to have fun together, while sharing play time and learning lessons. We understand that parents sometimes want to be able to let their kids play by themselves, and all Double Dog Dare software is able to be enjoyed one-on-one. But we also want to make sure each product has components that allow for parents and kids to start a dialogue, ask questions, and spend time together, without driving parents crazy or boring kids.

About "Weenie Dog & Mustard In: Insects, Aside!"
A weineriffic new adventure! Weenie Dog & Mustard In: Insects Aside! is the first book in the new Weenie Dog & Mustard series that features engaging hand-drawn illustrations, original characters, stories and music, and packed with features like full narration/read-it-myself options, tons of fun animations and sound effects, interactive drawing activities and a story that teaches kids about the importance of being a good friend. The perfect storybook app for any new iPad or iPad mini that finds its way to small hands this holiday season.

Weenie Dog and Mustard are best friends who care for the world's only vegetarian hot dog tree, and keep it safe from the swarms of insects who try and take the delicious weenies that sprout from it every week. It's a job they love doing together until Weenie wins a contest to meet his favorite TV star, Oswalt the Grump - right on the day Weenie Dog and Mustard are supposed to protect the tree! Will their friendship last?

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