Brand Name Licensing/Purchase for Over-The-Counter Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Herbal Products

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Dynamic new medical product brand name RealAid now available for licensing and purchase in the U.S and 32 foreign countries.

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RealAid has the potential to be a blockbuster brand name demonstrating an intuitive confidence with consumers of all ages and demographics.

In today's world, product branding is big business. In the first three quarters of 2010 (January through September), U.S. businesses spent more than $94 billion in advertising fees alone. Two of the largest in this group were health-industry leaders Johnson & Johnson ($950 million) and Pfizer ($896 million)….(Source: Kanar Media). The American consumer is being skillfully trained to find importance in branding - creating identities, personalities, and relationships around products we recognize, purchase, consume, wear, and use.

Whether conceived within company think tanks, by corporate branding/identity agencies, or by consumers themselves, nearly all major product brand names fall subject to in-depth consumer research to ensure the name connotes and reinforces the desired brand image, is easily recognizable and memorable, and instills the desired positive consumer reaction to stimulate interest and motivate purchase.

Once these hurdles are successfully passed, brand names are then processed through trademark application, a legal process to ensure new names can and will be protected as a trademark for the product(s) or service(s) they represent.

A Name in Search of a Product
When a great name comes along, businesses and consumers take notice. RealAid is just such a name. Available now for licensing or purchase in the U.S. and 32 foreign countries, RealAid has been consumer-tested across numerous, significant product categories with impressive results. In a product branding market research study among consumers 18+:

  •     98% of respondents recognized RealAid as a completely new brand name.
  •     89% of respondents felt positive, open, and receptive to the RealAid name.
  •     Over 50% of respondents positively linked RealAid to Cold Medications/Allergy Relief, Bandages/Joint Pain Ointments, and Sports/Energy/Fitness Drinks.
  •     Over 80% associated emotive brand descriptors of Healing, Supportive, Comforting, and Dependable.
  •     Additional high-ranking brand descriptors included Reassuring, Reliable, Soothing, Secure, and Safe.

Michelle Helin, strategic partner at Pennebaker Marketing and Communications, a global branding/corporate identity firm with numerous Fortune 500 clients, and co-author of Why Consumers Really Buy: Uncovering the Emotional Triggers That Drive Sales, reports, "Results of this comprehensive research support the assertion that RealAid is a unique brand name that has a definite, positive correlation to, and is strongly associated with, multiple product categories, specifically Safety and First Aid, over-the-counter Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Health/Herbal/Holistic Products and Hygiene Aids."

Additional good news: the RealAid brand name has already been cleared through the lengthy trademark process, receiving official Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Trademark Office in July 2011 for trademark application in over-the-counter herbal, pharmaceutical, and medical products.

"RealAid has the potential to be a blockbuster brand name demonstrating an intuitive confidence with consumers of all ages and demographics," reports John Williamson, President of RealAid, Inc. "After clearing the final federal trademark process, we are excited to be able to offer this dynamic brand name to interested companies across a significant range of high-margin, high-growth product categories."

More information is available online at and, including access to the complete Market Research Report supporting the consumer attraction, understanding, and acceptance of the RealAid brand name.

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