The Top WoW Warlock Leveling Guide is Revealed in New Review

Share Article reveals the top WOW warlock leveling guide to be Dugi Mists of Pandaria guide. The guide shows WOW fans how to level up their characters to level 90 in just days.

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World of Warcraft gamers who have warlock characters can rejoice in knowing that the Dugi Mists of Pandaria guide will show them how to get to level 90 step-by-step. Playing as a warlock can be fun, allowing players to go on solo quests to places where only groups are normally allowed. Warlocks carry fear, death and spells of the enchanted, making them feel all powerful. Not to mention, warlocks are able to self-resurrect whenever they die along a quest.

Although all of this makes it seem easy to play the warlock, the process can be a bit slow when it comes to leveling up. This is why WoWers with warlock characters are searching for a top WoW warlock leveling guide. The one recommended by is the Dugi Mists of Pandaria guide. The update for this guide was released on September 25th, the same day as Mists of Pandaria’s arrival. With Mists of Pandaria came an increased leveling cap, going from 85 to 90.

In order to reach the new cap that is now level 90, World of Warcraft gamers are vying for a way to get there as fast as possible. This is especially so since their characters levels have been depleted to be equal with everyone else. So everyone who starts Mists of Pandaria will be on level one. This can be frustrating for some WoW players who played with their characters for years, only to have their legacies erased.

Dugi’s Mists of Pandaria guide is an in-game add-on that was built by programmers with the main goal of helping gamers reach level 90 as quickly as possible. To date, gamers that have used this integrated guide have been able to make it to their level 90 achievement in less than five days. There are some who have even achieved this in less than four days (three days and 21 hours for one proud player).

The warlock characters who are altaholics will like the Dugi Mists of Pandaria. It comes with a lot of features like the automatic system that lets your warlock run on autopilot. First, you can select multiple quests that you want your warlock to embark on and then set it loose. The Dugi guide also provides an 85-page beginner’s guide for people who want to dive into World of Warcraft for the first time.

The Dugi game add-on also has 60 to 80 guides that are suggested to the player throughout the game. Making all of the right decisions at the right time is what this guide is for. So far, this has been the reason why many gamers have had such great success with reaching level 90. is site where gamers can come to find free reviews for video game guides. Stop by to read more on the Dugi Mists of Pandaria guide.

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