After "The Save America Gathering," Visionaries Recount the October 20, 2012 Event and Look Ahead to America's Future by Supporting the January 25, 2013 Cry4Life, DC

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Planners Praise God for His Faithfulness, Recount "Save America Gathering" Events, and Meditate Upon Teachings Delivred by Our Lord During the Years of Planning the Washington, DC Sacred Assembly. They are assisting in planning the Washington DC Cry4Life, scheduled for January 25, 2013

We have overcome the world!
"We have overcome the world! We have acted in faith and obedience, and our faith has been extended and flourished, because the Lord is faithful. Now our attention is on our global ministry, and supporting our partners, like Dr. David Andrade, in preparing for the January 25, 2013 Cry4Life, Washington, DC." Thus spoke Robert Berry, recently, regarding the now completed "Save America Gathering."

"Save America Gathering" took place over a month ago, October 20th, on the National Mall, in Washington, DC. However, the primary planners and servants of God's vision, Robert and Toni Berry, and Reverend Kevin E. Richardson, are using their recently gained knowledge to assist their partner, Dr. David Andrade, and the Cry4Life California contingent in publicising and preparing for the January 25 gathering, to which millions have been summoned. A global mobilization is under way for this Washington, DC event.

This gathering is planned for the fortieth anniversary of Roe -vs- Wade. Reverend Kevin E. Richardson has taken the lead in supporting the event.

Robert and Toni are still meditating upon the great spiritual and scriptural lessons they were taught by God while preparing for 11/11/11, Line in the Sand, Pasadena, CA and the recent Save America Gathering. These included lessons about themselves, their relationships with God, the church, and the power of prayer and faith.

The October 20 "Save America Gathering" brought together a tight-knit group of believers, a "Gideon's band." Along with them came thousands of willing participants, who joined the gathering for all or a portion of the day. All came to worship on the National Mall and intercede, prayerfully, for the United States of America.

Appearing during the daylong worship program were the following:
Poet, Oriville Walker
Praise Dancer, Ca' Asia
Bluegrass Gospel Artist David Reed
Prolific Songwriter and Artist, Windell Pell [Composer and performer of "Jesus is the Man"]
The Refuge Gospel Quartet
Gospel Drama Troupe, SPEECHLESS, from Pleasant View Baptist Church, in Maryland
Worship Artist, Nicois, who in July released her album, "Un-di-ni-a-bel [Undeniable]"
Hip-Hop Gospel Sister Duo, 5AM Praise
Gospel Artist Nicole Cunningham
Worship Artist Janyce Cash, who has also released a new album, Morning Comes," available from Tate Music Group, I-Tunes, and Amazon.

The sacred assembly's planners praised God for all of these willing servants, saying "Their sacrifices of praise lifted up the Lord and framed the structure of the sacred assembly."

Other highlights of the Washington, DC event included the dedication and 'Wave Offering' of the "US Christian Flag." Following the ceremony, this was placed on file at the Library of Congress. Servant Leader Marcia Thompson Eldreth, who is nine years into her service with the US Christian Flag, coordinated the ceremony. Reverend Kevin E Richardson led the prayer for transference of spiritual authority to youth and young adult Christians. Prayer for, and a pledge to stand by the people and nation of Israel was led by Captain Robert Berry, US Army (Retired). Recent events in Israel and Gaza have reinforced the need to keep that pledge.The blowing of the Shofars was led by Dennis McKirahan, leader of Shofar Call, International. A prayer and petition to God to "Save America," was delivered in the four cardinal directions by Robert Berry.

The Save America Gathering planners gave special recognition to:
Reverend Dick Simmons, who brough the message
Reverend Kevin E. Richardson, Servant Leader and planner
Jane Rumph, Editor and Servant Leader
Dave Rumph, who ran the sound equipment, as well as volunteering to assist wherever he could Servant Leader Courney Mosley, the great Worship Coordinator for this blessed event
Marcia Thompson Eldreth, Servant Leader and head of U.S. Christian Flag,; Minister Nighta Davis, Servant Leader, Prayer Warrior, Event Promoter, and Interstate Transportation Coordinator, head of American USA Patriots,
Cristopher Evans, the "Save America Gathering" Videographer
Christians are asked to pray for them all, in earnest. and with diligence.

Robert Berry spoke of what he and his wife were learning, as they digested the years of work and service and the fruits and difficulties which resulted from the process.of completing their task. "We learned a lot about the Church, and how difficult it is, with the worldly influences now pressing God's Body, to achieve the unity Christ died to bring about. We learned what is coveted and respected by church leadership. We learned that work in the Kingdom of God requires excellent people skills. And, if you are impatient, you need not apply!" Berry continued: "We found that we had to struggle to get people to understand our vision because I'm not a well known clergyperson. But the church should know that that is how God works. He takes the insignificant, and makes it significant in His holy eyes. Those persons who are listening to God showed up! Our problem within the church is our eyes are, in this era, eyes of flesh. Our eyes are the eyes of the world. We do not, as a Body, have kingdom vision. I think we just go along, going into our buildings and worshipping, oblivious to our larger purpose and calling. We are a nation called to deliver the Gospel into the darkest and final corners of the world, and we can do it. We can do it if we begin to shrink ourselves and magnify the Lord. He is always faithful, and he does what he sets out to do."

"We have picked up the ways of the world. We are moving, daily, ever closer to the people whp are lost in the world, in our attitudes and in the things we condone..." Berry stood, emphasizing the point; "And we are now often nearly indistinguishable from unchurched folk. We called a million Christians to come to Washington, DC. A lot of Christians, a lot more than the thousands who participated in Save America Gathering, were running in the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure." It was where they put their hearts and treasure. Now, that is a good cause, but what of the Lord's cause? The Lord, on the day of our event, reminded me, bluntly of a self evident fact. There were more than a million Christians within a short driving distance of the National Mall, in Washington, DC. Think about that, for a moment. The Lord had called people on the same day as Susan G Komen had called them. There were multiple Christian organizations praying near us. They were set up on the Lincoln Memorial Ellipse and on the White House Ellipse. We publicised their events prior to the "Save America Gathering." They also had fewer Christians attending than the urgency of these times would indicate would be there. Even Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, who reminded me that I was the one called to lead this vision into being, was lead to start a prayer initiative for America, near election time. God was leading His people in a clear direction, but many failed to heed the call. The reason is, we are not paying attention! We get excited by a preacher with a TV show, a giant Mercedes SUV, a large denomination, or, a string of theological degrees behind his, or her, name. That is how the world operates.That may bring consequences, as tempered by God's bountiful grace. But, we can't keep riding on His grace. We have to act. We must begin to cultivate Kingdom minds and Kingdom behaviors. We can't just be folks who go to church on Sunday, and do not understand God's larger purpose for the Church, in the United States of America. God will continue to send servants, one after the other, as long as His patience lasts. But, know and respect this fact--we are a burdensome people to God, at present, and God will correct His nations and His people. It would be better fo us to straighten our own ways, and become the "light on the hill" which our Savior spoke about. But to do that, we must overcome our internal inertia, tear down the walls between us, and be about the Lord's business. And I mean Catholics and Protestants, Syriacs, Coptics, Orthodox, Samaritans, and Messianic Jewish believers; every one of us! Cry4Life, DC, is one step in the road to bringing us back into alignment with God's will!"

For additional information regarding Cry4Life, DC, coming up on January 25, 2013, contact:

Dean Campion, at 651.734.3417

Register at

Asked about future plans, after the january 25 Cry4Life gathering, Berry recounted a drive by some Servant Leaders to gather Christians at Ground Zero, in New York City, on a future September 11th. Gatherings in the midwest, possibly in Chicago, in California, and a return to Washington, with an actual million Christians, have also been discussed. Save America Gathering is a non-profit organization, organized under US IRS Code Section 501c3. Save America Administrative Section thanks everyone for your continued blessing of donation support. "We still have event related expenses to satisfy, though the Save America Gathering has already occured. Watch for news releases regarding future ministry activities," said Berry.

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