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Task lighting is a very important element to consider in the overall design of your work space. reveals the top 10 tips to illuminate your workspace like a pro. “Having sufficient lighting on your work surface is very important to be productive and comfortable,” notes Susan Inderbinen, President of “Task lighting is a very important element to consider in the overall design of your work space. There is a difference between task lighting and ambient lighting. Task lighting is the result of a focused beam of light, that shines in a direction to cast the light as needed on your work surface, or dedicated work area. By contrast, ambient lighting sets a mood for an entire room, by providing general lighting to a broader area.”

Tip #1: A good lighting plan is a combination of both task and ambient light. Layers of light create a more interesting looking space and provides a more balanced lighting effect. Tip #2: Avoid glare by having too much light on the task area, while avoiding insufficient ambient light levels that could produce eye strain. One study at The University of Colorado at Boulder on light and the aging eye concluded what many of us already suspected, as we age, our eyes need more light to see. Illuminate your workspace like a pro, and avoid many common mistakes that cause fatigue and eye-strain.

Tip #3: Understand how to work with natural light and shadows in relation to the work at hand. What tasks do you perform? What other lighting is in the room? Are there any natural sources of light? Do you work in front of a computer screen? Do you do a lot of reading or writing at your desk? How large is the workspace? What other lighting is existing in the room? The beam spread of the lamp should be sufficient to illuminate the work surface for the tasks at hand.

“One of our recent clients was an Urban Planner,” noted Susan. “His office had large windows facing north behind his computer desk. The natural light did little to illuminate his work space and cast shadows on this desk when he sat down. There were a few built-in overhead recessed lights for general ambient lighting, but he did not have enough direct and indirect lighting to illuminate his u-shaped desk sufficiently. Tip #4: One desk lamp is not going to be enough to solve every lighting need. Define the primary work zones in your office, and come up with a balanced lighting plan between task and ambient lighting.”

With respect to the primary task areas, Tip #5 is: Adjustability. A good task lamp has a long reach and wide beam spread. A mutli-directional shade design can reduce glare, allowing the user to adjust where and when the light is needed. The longer the reach, the heavier the base should be. Another important aspect is tip #6: The ability to adjust the light level as needed. A dimmer switch on the base is good, at the shade even better. An on-off switch is good, hi-low switch is better, but a full range dimmer gives you more individual control of your space. Remember, dimmers are your friends.

Tip #7, select the right light bulb. For task lighting there are many choices; incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED. Using (1) 12v, 20 watt to 50 watt halogen light bulb will provide (3X) the equivalent lumen output, equal to 60 to 150 watts of incandescent lighting. Halogen bulbs last about 2000 hours. A more efficient light source is LED. A 12 watt LED has the equivalent lumen output of an 80 watt halogen bulb. LED lighting produces less heat and last for 50,000 hours. A Color temperature of 2900 degrees Kelvin is optimal.

“In the case of this client, we decided on a light plan that would offer various light levels, using different contemporary lighting sources, that would illuminate the task space in a variety of ways. For his primary work space we chose a dimmable, wall mounted LED task lamp from German manufacturer Holtkotter, style 8195/8 LED. The long reach, adjustable arm, with dimmer on the backplate, provides the right amount of light for the size of his primary work space. In the corner, on top of the secondary computer desk behind him, we used a pleated ivory-shaded Mercer table lamp encased in clear glass from Marset, to add comfortable ambient lighting. To better illuminate his keyboard we selected and dimmable, adjustable LED Brazo lamp from Pablo. Finally, we used a simple translucent polycarbonate shaded Costanza floor lamp from Luceplan next to a chair across from the desk. Our client was very happy with the end result,” noted Susan.

Tip #8, budget. Understand the materials, workmanship and the amount of use your portable lighting will be called upon to perform. A quality, energy efficient, adjustable, dimmable task lamp can cost in the range of $199.00 to $500- $750 or more, depending on the quality of the LED’s,type of materials used and country of origin. Tip #9:Consider the proper finish and materials for your environment. We never recommend brass finishes along the coastal installation that we work on.

Tip #10 Think Green. There are many lighting companies that develop energy saving products, use recycled packing materials, or use production methods that produce environmentally friendly lighting. Your local municipality may incentify you to use these types of lighting products, or you may decide to add these practices to your own shopping list for your own well being.

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