Daimler Choose SKOPOS for Mobile Experience Research

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SKOPOS launches its unique Mobile App Optimisation service...

Our research and tech teams worked to jointly create this leading edge service for brands to optimise mobile expereinces.

Car Firm Daimler amongst first to make use of SKOPOS appTimizer™ and improve their customers' mobile experiences.

SKOPOS monitors UK digital activity and multi-screen technology via its MTrack™ study, and has recorded huge growth in App downloads and use in the last 2 years.

Elsewhere, it is being reported this Christmas will see record Mobile searches and sales.

However, disproportionately little attention is being given to the Mobile User Experience (MUX/MX) - and this seems more than a little short-sighted.

From SKOPOS research we know that when brands get MUX/MX wrong, the experience becomes an annoying “unreliable inefficient shortcut” exemplified by simultaneously poor technical and user experiences issues. See chart in the attachments for more precise details on these ‘annoyances’.

So far, our research from MTrack™ and from appTimizer ™ has provided the following guidance to brands and App developers alike.

  •          If there is a payment or commerce functionality, then focus on security perceptions and provide reassurance to boost confidence.
  •          For all Apps, test and test again the Usability and focus on outcomes and overall experiences.
  •          But perhaps before anything else, if you launch an App, be sure to communicate and educate to optimise awareness.

SKOPOS appTimizer™ seeks to limit and where possible eradicate these frustrations for enhanced experiences, satisfaction, repeat use and loyalty.

appTimizer™ uses a suite of leading edge Qual and Quant research techniques and technologies to flexibly and suitably uncover insights on areas for UX improvement and fit with brand, etc..

The service ‘triangulates the truth’ regarding App user experiences via the three-way use of:

  •          In person in-situ usability tests (qual)

o        A professional SKOPOS researcher sits with the user who uses the app via given scenarios and ‘free-play’
o        The researcher both observes, records (via video) and enquires regarding the experience
o        Respondents can sometimes be asked to walk-and-talk-through what they are experiencing

  •         In-app quantitative surveys (via ads/links) on the user experience
  •         User ratings (qual/quant)

We often also augment the above findings for precision/diagnosis of issues using bespoke surveys amongst users/non users and via social media discussions.

The system is being used to provide insight during development & pre-testing (via usability interviews and quant surveys with potential users, but without user ratings), and post launch (with in-app surveys and user ratings for instance).

In summary, appTimizer™…

  • Is exact yet adaptable
  • Explores and measures Mobile App needs & expectations v experience
  • Utilises ‘thinking aloud’ (qual) usability techniques
  • Plus precise (quant) scalar ratings whether in-app or via surveys
  • Can be in-situ, in-moment, in-depth, plus survey/app ratings
  • Determines areas for action/change/improvement
  • Understands (brand) impact of experience

SKOPOS are also proud to mention that one of the first appTimizer™ clients was Daimler, as part of its broadening digital customer engagement strategy. Their lifestyle app was designed to strengthen the ‘heritage’ connection with the brand, along with providing more rounded news and event updates. As part of the concept development and usability design phases, SKOPOS conducted user tests - in both usability labs and ‘real-world’ scenarios - to hone the mobile App prior to its launch. Our appTimizer™ programme highlighted numerous areas for app refinement (across both functional and creative areas) - enabling Daimler to deliver a far better App (experience).

Darren Mark Noyce,
SKOPOS Chief Consultant says…

"Many will know SKOPOS for our Digital and Mobile insight passion.
We also know that there is often a rush to launch new channels and services via these channels, frequently with insufficient attention to user needs and experiences.

appTimizer packages our expertise into a unique service created for brands to deliver optimised mobile experiences whether native app or web app - and as part of their multi-channel or now omni-channel approaches. Our research and tech teams have worked together to bring a best in class service to market that seeks to create mobile brand experiences devoid of the present disappointments and frustrations.

Daimler for one were very happy with their outcomes.”

For more information please contact:

Darren Mark Noyce,
Managing Director & Chief Consultant,
SKOPOS Integrated Insight

T: +44(0) 207 953 8 359    
E: Darren.Noyce(at)SKOPOS(dot)info

About SKOPOS Integrated Insight...
SKOPOS market insight & consultancy Ltd. is part of The SKOPOS Group headquartered in Cologne, with offices around the world, and one of the world’s fastest growing ‘boutique’ research agencies. SKOPOS delivers forward-looking actionable customer insight generated from precision market research (using traditional methods as well as more modern online/mobile surveys and qualitative techniques). Applications include website and SEO evaluation, customer satisfaction, market sizing/profiling; mystery shopping; e-mail campaign evaluation, etc... all from a customer/user perspective with the strongest analysis, interpretation and holistic market knowledge.



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