(We Are) Nexus: The Hottest New Act In EDM

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Vocalist/DJ Carmen Rainier and Producer/DJ Nick Gunn want everyone to connect!

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(We Are) Nexus

nex·us: noun \ˈnek-səs\ : connection, link; center, focus. ex: one can thank the nexus between Vocalist Carmen Rainier and Producer Nick Gunn for the unique sound of (We Are) Nexus

nex·us: noun \ˈnek-səs\ : a connection, link; a connected group or series; the center, focus. example: one can thank the nexus between Vocalist Carmen Rainier and Producer Nick Gunn for the unique sound of (We Are) Nexus.

More important than the connection between the two of them, are the connections they want to make between themselves and their fans, their fans with other fans, and beyond. Vocalist/DJ Carmen Rainier and Producer/DJ Nick Gunn believe their act is about more than just great music, it's about connections and connectivity.

"Look around you, everything “we” put out becomes part of a massive web, a three dimensional grid full of media, sounds, knowledge, emotions, feelings, etc. This is obvious on the world wide web, but I also think it is true in our personal relationships and everyday lives and how we connect one-on-one with people," says Carmen Rainier.

(We Are) Nexus certainly proves to get people talking! The self titled EP (We Are) Nexus makes its debut next week with three original club mixes. Leading the pack is Turn Around, with sexy vocals on-top of solid clean bottoms leading to a classic trance driven chorus. Second is Te Amaba, a completely fresh approach with Spanish spoken word vocals and a more traditional house feel. Last, but not least, is Freedom As One, which opens with a zen type sitar and vocals that surprisingly transforms to a rocking electro house vibe. These three tracks cover quite a bit of territory and are an extremely impressive debut.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Producer/DJ Nick Gunn comes from a highly successful career in world music having sold over two million albums as a recording artist himself. An impressive feat, this is clearly represented in the impeccable production quality of (We Are) Nexus’ tracks. "I have always loved what EDM had to offer, and its now fast becoming one of the largest music markets out there. I believe it's because EDM fans are connected and understand what it means to be a part of an electronic age and music community. Music creates a nexus for people to gather around!" says Nick Gunn.

Throw into the mix the beautiful and sexy Carmen Rainier at the vocal helm offering her provocative style, lyric writing, and approach. Together they make up what EDM needs in a male driven genre, a female/male combo energy that wants everyone to connect.

Nexus music definitely have their stamp and style and there's going to be a lot of talk about these two as the months unfold. Listen to the new EP, be a part of their community, and get connected!

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