Fitness Guru Dawna Hudson-Uhles Gives 6 Essential Tips to Fight Fat During the Holidays

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As Christmas and New Year’s Eve are rapidly approaching, many waistlines are rapidly expanding largely due to holiday social gatherings and those particularly scrumptious dishes allotted to this special time of year. Fitness game changer Dawna Hudson-Uhles offers her secrets to keeping in shape during the holidays.

Dawna Hudson- Uhles, offers great tips to keep extra pounds off and remain active during this holiday season.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging a few times a year during the holidays or even once a week

Spending quality time with family and friends is great – but what’s not so great is facing all the temptations that accompany the holidays. Dance workout expert and inventor of the MoChi Fitness system, Dawna Hudson- Uhles, offers great tips to keep extra pounds off and remain active during this holiday season.

“There’s nothing wrong with indulging a few times a year during the holidays or even once a week,” said Dawna. “Strategically overeating can actually speed up your metabolism that tends to slow down if you’ve been dieting too much.”

For day-to-day maintenance and to keep on track with weight-loss goals, Donna suggests following these steps:

1. Make a decision to become an ultra conscious eater: Pay attention to everything you pop into your mouth throughout the entire day, every day during the month of December. Better yet, take a moment and write it down. Yes, everything. Keep a small notebook handy at all times. Conscious eating equals empowerment and I guarantee you will enjoy what you consciously choose to eat even more.

2. Eat slowly: Savor the brilliant holiday flavors by eating slowly. Incorporating a slower eating habit during the holidays will create a new pattern for you to follow throughout the entire New Year.

3. Drink water: Being dehydrated even a little bit can cause hunger cravings. This can cause you to overeat. So drink water all day long and you’ll eat less naturally and feel so much better.

4. Brush your teeth more often: When you brush it signals your brain that you’re done eating. Tooth paste also coats your tongue and makes your food taste a little odd after brushing, so brush away.

5. Drink green tea: Sipping on a cup of hot tea is very soothing and satisfying. In addition, a new study at Penn State has found that green tea may suppress the digestion of starch and offer a means of better controlling blood sugar levels. The test showed that the green tea extract was associated with a significant decrease in peak blood sugar levels that may help with weight management. For more information on the green tea study at Penn State, visit

6. De-stress! Cortisol is an adrenal hormone produced in response to stress or anxiety. Too much stress and anxiety can cause the body to release an excess amount of Cortisol, which can trigger depression and cause weight gain. Exercise keeps the stress levels down. This year, make a commitment that no matter how chaotic your holiday schedule becomes, you will find time to exercise.

For beat-the-clock strategies for squeezing in a workout, Dawna suggests trying the MoChi “Twister” workout routines, which include three quick 10-minute exercise breaks a day for a healthier, happier holiday season.

The music driven MoChi “Twist-a-Mania” workout routines make exercise easy and fun and can be done anywhere, anytime; at home, school or the office. The routines take up no more room than standing in place. Rock out on the MoChi twisters utilizing MoChi’s new concept, “PCMA” Precise Controlled Muscle Activation, for an excellent way to burn extra calories, rid belly fat and shrink the waist.

“Taking care of yourself will also inspire others to do the same! Order today and start losing belly fat tomorrow. It’s the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season,” said Dawna.

For more information about how to fight fat during the holidays and to learn more about how the MoChi Fitness system individualizes cardio workouts on the go and home fitness routines, visit

About MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania”:

The MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” system is a revolutionary, low cost workout method that can be used almost anywhere by anybody regardless of your age or fitness level. It uses elements of dance with core strengthening movements to create a comprehensive, successful fitness program. Not only does it benefit athletes but is an ideal exercise routine for women and men on the go, those with injuries or impairments requiring low-impact on joints, and is also a great exercise for pregnant women who want to remain active but lessen physical stress. Want a home fitness routine but have limited space? The MoChi Fitness system requires only a few square feet of space to be utilized successfully. Use MoChi twisters whenever, wherever, home, school, or the office and see the results come flying in!

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