Dr. Rafik Benaissa says UPAC's charges against brother part of an SNC Lavalin circus

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Following news of charges brought by UPAC (Unité Permanente Anti-Corruption) against brother Riadh Ben Aissa in Montreal and extradition request to Canada from Switzerland, Dr. Rafik Benaissa says they're part of an SNC Lavalin circus to blame former employees, protect its board of trustees, and move on with business as usual in North Africa.

Dr. Rafik Benaissa

“UPAC’s charges against my brother Riadh Ben Aissa and plans for extradition from Switzerland to Canada (CBC November 28, 2012) are part of an SNC Lavalin circus which purpose is nothing but to drown obsolete and embarrassing employees of the old regimes era, protect a vital organ called the board of trustees, and move on with business as usual in North Africa." said today oilman and orthopedic trauma surgeon Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

"Since the regime changes in North Africa and after allegedly showering colonel Kadhafi’s close friends and personal advisors with 139 million dollars’ worth of gifts over 11 years (MSN November 26, 2012), SNC Lavalin has engaged in a new virginity campaign, denouncing its employees to the medias and to local law enforcement agencies in an improvised zero-tolerance policy on violating the law (CBC November 25, 2012). I'm impressed by SNC Lavalin's creativity and adaptation skills" added Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

"This morning, I was going with my attorneys on Skype through the “Registre du Commerce du Quebec” and reading about all the names making SNC Lavalin’s board of trustees. I told myself that all of them are probably in good health and free like a bird. None of them have to be in a dark Swiss jail cell 23 out of 24 hours. None of them have to face an intermittent interrogation in cuffs by a German-speaking ambitious Federal Prosecutor who sees in a Canadian employee and a family man, a member of the Kadhafi family to be hated. None of them have to spray water on the floor to cool down a jail cell so warm in summer that it feels like an oven. None of them have to sleep with the vivid images of a country devastated by a civil war and the global misery it created overnight." also commented Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

"There is something wrong about the whole deal when a corporation’s board of trustees can encourage and support its employees in the right political context, but promptly lets them go and sacrifices them with impunity to please a new regime and to keep the cash flowing. Employees are like soldiers cause they follow orders. Corporation’s members of the board and the usual glamorous accounting giants they associate with, should be held equally responsible before a court of law as they represent the high ranking officers of the business world. Yet they have this prodigious way of disappearing when the heat is on, only to reappear for a cowardly finger pointing game of their fallen employees in the name of ethics. In the cruel world war of business, employees like my brother are often heros when members of boards are often yellows." adds Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

"My brother has loyally served SNC Lavalin and was sacrificed for the cause of huge financial interest in a politically fast moving region. I will fight for his rights and dignity and will see that SNC Lavalin itself is on trial one day." ((Montreal Superior Court file 500-1707-4573-125) concludes Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

Attorney Hatem Kourda Avocat

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