Biofeedback Federation of Europe Welcomes US Experts in Peak Performance Training to Present Webinar Geared to Help Baseball Players Sharpen Their Mental Focus

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Dr. Ben Strack and Dr. Wes Sime will discuss the importance of mental conditioning in baseball and how training with biofeedback and neurofeedback can enhance player performance.

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Physical strength and conditioning make an important contribution to the game, but the mental conditioning for intense focus, together with calmness and composure to optimize reaction time is equally important.

The 2012 World Series revealed more than ever that teams with the largest payrolls, the best hitters and the most talented pitchers do not always end up on top. So what is it that gives one team an edge over another? In an upcoming webinar, Dr. Wes Sime and Dr. Ben Strack will introduce the techniques and technology for mental conditioning along with pitch recognition and reaction time that can turn an entire season around for a team that truly embraces expert learning and player development.

Drs. Strack and Sime have been involved in baseball for decades and they are part of a high performance training team supporting numerous elite Olympic, professional and collegiate sports teams. They are currently working with the Biofeedback Federation CIC to develop software applications for baseball that will be similar to the PROGolf Suite that has made sport psychology come to life in professional golf.

When asked about the importance of mental training, Dr. Sime replied, “Physical strength and conditioning make an important contribution to the game, but the mental conditioning for intense focus, together with calmness and composure to optimize reaction time is equally important. Sport psychophysiology and biofeedback provide the "mind gym" training needed to shape the mental and emotional state of the player to deal with pressure and to thrive under difficult conditions.”

In this webinar you will learn about respiration, heart rate (the synchrony of the “big breath” in all sports), optimal brain wave patterns, vision focus exercises and reaction time training to improve pitch identification. And if that all sounds pretty complicated, rest assured, it is not. The biofeedback part of the training simply allows the athlete to “see” what is actually going on in his body when he is under stress. With this knowledge comes the power to change how he reacts to stressful situations. So, is this the key to winning the World Series? Maybe not, but it’s one more tool in the arsenal and it may just provide the advantage you need to win more games against the opposing team.

Mental Conditioning for Intense Focus in Baseball Webinar
Presented by: Dr. Ben Strack and Dr. Wes Sime
Date: January 18, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Dr. Ben Strack, Ph.D.
Dr. Ben Strack is Co-Owner of Proball Inc. and senior hitting and mental game instructor. He is a sport psychology consultant and part-time professor/lecturer at Argosy University where he teaches sport psychology classes. In his clinical/sports practice he consults with various professional, Olympic, amateur, and youth athletes in the area of sports psychology and performance enhancement. He is also the chief editor of the new sport psychology book “Applications of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback in Sport Psychology” (in press). He is a former division 1 college baseball player and NCAA Scholar-Athlete.

Wes Sime, Ph.D., MPH, BCB, BCN
A pioneer in the field of Applied Sport Psychophysiology, Dr. Sime has helped to develop the technology to measure the over effort and "muscling up tension" that occurs in the batters box while baseball players face tough pitching. A former Sport Psychologist for the Omaha Royals AAA team, Wes has worked with major league players as well as several Olympic Teams. He has worked with PGA golfers including Payne Stewart, Corey Pavin, Troy Matteson and numerous others striving to help make sport psychology come to life in professional golf. Currently, Wes is a health psychologist and sport psychologist at First Step Wellness in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is the originator of the ProGolf concept and has worked Jane Arave in developing the ProGolf Suite for BFE.

About the BFE-LFB (Learn From the Best) Program
BFE-LFB program provides continuing education via conferences, seminars, workshops, internet courses, and software for professionals around the world. Content is developed independently by International Research & Education Project teams. Financial support comes from the Biofeedback Federation of Europe, a non-profit Community Interest Company located in London, England. For more information, visit the BFE Online Shop. The next BFE Annual Conference , their seventeenth, is scheduled to take place February 11-15, 2014 in Venice, Italy.

Carol Meyers
Education Manager
Biofeedback Federation CIC
education (at) bfe (dot) org

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