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Panchakarma helps relieve stress and regain balance. Healing Hands™ offers this 5,000 year-old system of cleansing, detoxification and re balancing. It is a time-honored path to healing and rejuvenation that is available in Puerto Vallarta, on beautiful Banderas Bay. It is the ideal location for a personalized health retreat.

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Ayurvedic 4 handed Marma Point Massage

The reality is it exceeded our wildest expectations, there Panchakarma is much more rich and generous with services.

Healing Hands™ has specialized in this in this millennium-old system of purification over 15 years. Located in Puerto Vallarta overlooking beautiful Banderas Bay, this treatment brings together the ideal location and time-honored method for a personalized health retreat. Re-establish optimal wellness through healing and rejuvenation now, with a special 15% discount if you mention this press release.

Panchakarma originated in India thousands of years ago, yet remains an ideal healing modality for busy westerners of today because it helps reset the body’s clock back to a time of optimal wellness.

To keep pace in our modern world, we often maintain extremely busy life styles. This includes the stress of fast-paced jobs, often overtime without complaint, while living in fast-paced, polluted environments, and scarfing down a hasty meal of fast food. This ability to keep going is truly a magical gift even though it means we are often running on empty.But the gift is not without its price. As in fairy tales of old, there may well come a time when we are asked to pay the price of that gift.

That’s when it is time to stop, look, and listen in. Actually our bodies do react to modern forms of abuse – overwork, insufficient rest, lack of exercise and nutrients. This translates to stress on our systems. Yet our bodies will adapt as long as possible, with only small, often unnoticeable losses.

Keeping our bodies functioning in a healthy way over long-term stress can be a challenge, especially if we continue living tomorrow as we did yesterday. That is why outside support through cleansing and re-balancing can make all the difference. Panchakarma has been adapted to busy life-styles so that the cleansing, detox and rejuvenation all take place within six days. Panchakarma uses an Ayurvedic series of treatments, each tailored to the needs of the individual. In the short space of one week, what may have been lost over months or even years can be regained.

Pancha – meaning five, Karma in this context meaning treatments or tasks. These five treatments have been optimized to work on all systems of the body. Each of them cleanses, refreshes and strengthens a vital organ system. The complete six days including digestive, circulatory, and reproductive support along with a gentle tonification of the nervous system. At Healing Hands, food is an important part of the program. Organic local cuisine is optimally tailored to the body’s needs at each stage of the system of health restoration.

There is no substitute for a healthy life-style including exercise, minimal stress, and excellent nutrition. When ‘life gets in the way’ and we experience a more typical modern life-style with all its stresses, Panchakarma can help restore what has been diminished or brought out of balance. Clients are typically astounded at the positive results from a short week of support.

Healing Hands includes a licensed massage therapist, Ayurvedic practitioners, a wellness coach and health mentor. The health spa specializes in Ayurveda and body re-education to treat pain, attain balance and achieve quality of life. For questions or to schedule a Panchakarma treatment call now 305-810-8534 in the U.S. or 01 52 329-102-0554, internationally.

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