Personality Certificate Launches to Help Jobseekers Gain More Job Interviews

Share Article lets jobseekers create and add a psychometric personality test to their CVs and applications to win more job interview places. With five times more job seekers than vacancies currently in the UK, PersonalityCertificate can give jobseekers a competitive edge.

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Currently there are over 2.5 million people registered unemployed in the UK and only around 475,000 job vacancies.

A radical new online service for jobseekers competing for job interviews was launched today. The new web site,, allows jobseekers to generate their own psychometric personality report for inclusion in their CVs and job applications to make them stand out and provide employers with essential candidate assessment information on an applicant's suitability for the job.

Currently there are over 2.5 million people registered unemployed in the UK and only around 475,000 job vacancies, according to Government figures*. Add to that the number of people already in a job but trying to change employer or career and the chance of getting through to the interview stage becomes increasingly remote for everyone. Not to forget the administrative challenge of the employer who has to wade through literally hundreds of CVs for every position advertised.

“Getting an interview for a job is so competitive now that people have to make their CVs stand out. CVs currently are almost two dimensional, in that they cannot get someone’s personality across as well as their qualifications. That is a problem for employers too as most people are hired on ability and experience but many can struggle to fit an organisation due to subconscious behaviour,” explained Harry Bocker, Managing Director of Ltd.

“The inclusion of the personality certificate, which outlines the candidate’s personal strengths, in a CV not only helps the CV to stand out but for employers it provides valuable information with which to answer their three most important questions; do they have the right skills and experience; do they have the required motivation and enthusiasm; and are they going to fit in at the company, in terms of personality, attitude and general work style?”

Using the personality certificate service is simple. The questionnaire can be completed in less than three minutes after which customers can download long and short versions of their personality certificates for inclusion in their CVs and applications.

In addition, the online verification service allows employers to check the original version of the candidate’s personality report, held securely on, instantly and have confidence in the certificate’s accuracy for candidate screening.

The personality profiling system underpinning the Personality Certificate service is Jungian and was developed by PeopleMaps and has been used successfully in recruitment and development around the world for over a decade.

  • ONS Labour Market Statistics, September 2012

Notes to Editors

About Personality Certificate Limited was formed to help job seekers to have the careers that match their skills in the environments that best suit their psychological makeup. The service provides a ‘personality certificate’, designed to be included in an individual’s CV. believes that while your CV should give a comprehensive overview of your work experience, education and skill set, it is limited in that it cannot adequately describe your natural, subconscious interpersonal skills, work ethics, motivations etc. In short, your unique personality.

The profiling system underpinning PersonalityCertificate is provided under a worldwide, exclusive licence by PeopleMaps. The certificate produced by PersonalityCertificate comprises two versions, a brief one for insertion into the front page of the CV and a longer version to be attached to the CV.
The authenticity of the certificate can be verified by a prospective employer through a unique URL in the certificate.

About PeopleMaps
PeopleMaps has pioneered online personality profiling applications that everyone can use since 2000 and it remains the most cost effective professional personality tool on the market.

The unique PeopleMaps questionnaire provides astonishingly accurate results with only 5 questions – and is only ever available online. The personality content is written in plain English, so no one needs any training or consulting to use it or interpret the results.

Co-founder Anne Ellis successfully built a number of high-growth companies focused on people development underpinned by psychological profiling and was part of the team that introduced the first Master’s in Business Psychology degree at a UK University.

The psychological profiler underpinning PeopleMaps is a Jungian system designed to measure an individual’s psychological make-up. Jung’s bi-polar scales measure the attitudes of introversion and extraversion, together with the rational preferences of thinking and feeling and the irrational preferences of sensing and intuition. These are combined to arrive at the psychological profile or type.

Having determined the individual’s Jungian profile, PeopleMaps then produces a range of personality content pertaining to the preferred behaviour of that type.

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