Dr. Farshchian: Arthritis of the Ankle is Being Treated with Cell Therapy at the Center for Regenerative Medicine

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"Arthritis of ankle is being treated with cell therapy at the Center for Regenerative Medicin," according to A.J. Farshchian MD, a regenerative medicine practitioner at The Center for regenerative medicine.

Dr. Farshchian is the medical director for The Center for Regenerative Medicine.

"Trauma to Ankle joint can cause arthritis," according to A.J. Farshchian MD, a regenerative medicine practitioner at The Center for regenerative medicine.

The ankle joint is known as a diarthrodial joint. Of all the joints in the body it is probably the joint most resistant to a degenerative condition. This immunity to arthrosis is primarily associated to the joints liberal distribution of forces throughout a series of interlinked compartments. The ankle joint and accompanying foot joints support the body as would a tri-pod supporting a camera. The supporting surfaces of the ankle and foot have a tri-pod structure to its form. The ankle joint represents the lateral (or outside) support column of the tri-pod supporting form. The heel bone represents the posterior column of the support form. The mid-foot and the forefoot represent the anterior support column. This tri-pod support form is not static but dynamic in its function. As the stresses change and the strains converge on points along the weight-bearing surfaces of the ankle foot adjustments are made to maintain the center of gravity within the supporting tri-pod columns.

Rarely would age related degenerative changes be seen in the ankle and foot. When degenerative changes develop in the ankle or the other support columns it is normally preceded by a history of trauma. This trauma is usually a fracture in one of the supporting hard tissues. Serious ligamental injury can also affect a degenerative condition. Following a ligamental or fracture injuries an uncoupling of the local traumatic region occurs. This uncoupling reduces the normal cellular metabolic response to weight-bearing forces of the local traumatized area. The traumatized area is isolated from the nutritious effect of tolerable strains and exposed to harmful stresses. These harmful stresses initiate cellular destruction which later becomes a degenerative condition.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida concentrates on helping arthritic and injured people to get back to a functional level of life and their activities using non-surgical techniques and Orthopedic medicine. The center's expertise is in treatment of conditions of spine, knees, shoulders and other cartilage damages. They have developed non-surgical and rehabilitation techniques focused on treatment and management of joint pain. Their team includes health professionals organized around a central theme. Their website is http://www.arthritisusa.net

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