New Research from The Wellness Center Defines the Reality of Junk DNA© 2012 Theresa Dale, Ph.D., CCN

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Since it is certain that there is an emotional cause to all disease; does the KEY to the manifestation of disease lie in the mostly ignored so-called Junk DNA? Imagine discovering that the contents of one’s DNA contains inherited knowledge responsible for predisposition to illness. Dr. Theresa Dale, president of the Wellness Center’s health research indicates that there is a holographic blueprint of all experiences, identities and beliefs stored in each cell of the body.

Holographic Blueprint

Dr. Dale’s NPR is an innovative non-invasive diagnostic and healing system that locates and releases the cause of disease.

People inherit genetic pre-loads of identities, beliefs and behaviors that are a part of their disease patterns and ancestral heritage. By contacting cellular intelligence, one can locate and eliminate the precise core identities and beliefs transforming the cellular blueprint and reestablishing healthy cellular communication and wellness.

This new approach to the emotional origins of disease, illness and their discharge, NeuroPhysical Reprogramming™ (NPR), is the anchor of the Holistic Health Practitioner course at the California College of Natural Medicine (CCNM). Dr. Dale’s NPR is an innovative non-invasive diagnostic and healing system that locates and releases the cause of disease. NPR allows one to explore DNA consciousness to locate and eliminate sabotaging energy patterns that create illness and depression, as well as assist in the re-engineering of the psyche and the rejuvenation of the physical body.

The original NeuroPhysical Reprogramming™ protocol research was tested at an independent neurologist’s office on patients using a 22 site electrode EEG along with full spectrum biofeedback reading, and four more EEG sites on the occipital lobe of the head and EMG (muscle response) skin temperature and conductance. After the patients were connected to the electrodes, “hot buttons” were introduced by the tester verbalizing various topics to the patient such as health, disease, sex, cancer, death, success, failure, etc. The patient’s brain and nervous system responses on the EEG, EMG, etc. were noted after each statement.

The next step repeated the procedure using the NeuroPhysical Reprogramming protocol with high potency oral Neuro-Emotional Remedies® administered to the patients while still connected to the equipment. Dr. Theresa Dale researched and developed these homeopathic remedies based on the acupuncture meridian system and the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. However, this time the patient said the topics aloud, instead of hearing them.

After each process was completed, the patient was again given the same topics that they responded to before the NPR session. The testing indicated that the energy patterns that were visibly apparent 30 minutes prior were no longer evident.

The printout of the tests indicated exactly when the homeopathic remedies were introduced to the patient during the NeuroPhysical Reprogramming protocol. This was observed by a heightened response and then a diminished release response.

A printout of the entire testing session clearly indicated the neurological changes that occurred from administering the remedies on patients. Whether the issue is related to disease, sexual abuse or other issues, the process works the same. All testing indicated that the NPR testing and the responses from the EEG, EMG, etc. were identical. Also it showed that Neuro-Emotional Remedies® visibly released energy patterns and core issues stemming from identities that can be a main cause of mental and physical illness.

This research protocol was refined and is available as a part of the Holistic Health Practitioner and Naturopathic training courses at CCNM. The comprehensive Holistic Health Practitioner training consists of two parts; an online in-depth look geared at building a foundation of unique nutritional information combined with in person residential training to learn advanced kinesiology for uncovering emotional origins of illness and disorders with additional health impacting modules.

The information presented in the online prelude to these courses offers a strong foundation of knowledge for more effective health care providers. A thorough understanding of the body’s functional mechanisms leads to a greater comprehension of the presented material. The online class covers expansive topics such as Detoxification Pathways and Pathogens, the Chinese Five Element Theory, Vitamins and Antioxidants, Amino Acids, and Nutraceuticals and Biological Aging. Additionally, Dr. Dale’s Professional Nutritional Assessment Test tool to effectively determine the nutritional needs of clients will be available in this online section (Part I).

In the Residential Class (Part II), participants will learn a reproducible hands-on protocol (NPR) that bypasses the conscious mind leading one to the core of illness, on all levels of consciousness. NPR accurately pinpoints the causal energy pattern of any life condition, determines its location in the body then allows it to permanently release it. Participants will be taught an advanced form of kinesiology (muscle testing) utilizing Dr. Dale’s exclusive homeopathic filters to determine the biogenesis of the condition in oneself and others. Using this protocol will accurately locate and release resisted emotions, belief systems and identities that are stored in the body creating abnormal meridian flow and disease.

Health affirming complimentary information will be presented during residential portion of the training. These modules cover topics such as regaining attention and focus to treat conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder and detoxifying lifelong addiction or obsession related to illness, relationships, drugs, substances, food, etc. Participants will learn a unique method to uncover destructive neuro-physical patterns that sabotage optimum health and wellness. They can acquire information to locate and eliminate the hidden saboteurs lurking in the subconscious mind, allowing the alignment, creation and manifestation of goals.

In the Holistic Health Practitioner Training each new student will also receive one complimentary set (13) of Neuro-Emotional Remedies® along with training.

All health providers and other inquiries are welcome to visit for more information on advanced educational seminars. California College for Natural Medicine(CCNM) is the only educational facility in the world that offers NeuroPhysical Reprogramming, a medically-proven hands-on method of bio-resonance assessment and healing as part of its Holistic Health. Practitioner course. CCNM offers courses based in Naturopathy and Homeopathy including Biological Dentistry, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathic Endocrinology, Medical Chi Gong and NeuroEndocrine Regulation. CCNM was founded by Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP.

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