Naturecast Pet Products Joins Breakthrough Study that Shows how Genetics Play a Large Role in Dog Diabetes

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A recent study shows new information about dogs and diabetes. Naturecast Pet Products digs deeper and explains how to keep an eye out for diabetes symptoms.

A recent study shows that dogs can get diabetes just as people do and sometimes it can also be genetic. The study found on the on November 13, 2012 states that there is a home remedy test to see if pets have the symptoms of diabetes. Using a urine dipstick (that can be purchased at all most any pharmacy) and dipping it into a cup of dog’s urine could potentially tell if diabetes is in the dog’s body.

An over abundance of glucose in a dogs blood stream is the main cause that make dogs urinate more frequently, which means there’s a lack of calories and causes them to drink more. Frequent urination can cause bladder infections since bacteria thrive on glucose. When left untreated, the energy and appetite levels decrease leading to weight loss. Not only does leaving this condition untreated cause malnutrition, but it could also cause diabetic ketoacidosis, which can potentially be a life threatening disease causing acidic blood and eventually neurologic problems causing brain damage.

Naturecast Pet Products learned there is a treatment to control dog diabetes and help them start to recover. Insulin is a small injection of medicine to help glucose be absorbed into the cells and calories can be metabolized and the weight loss will subside. Although this is not necessarily a quick fix. Owners will most likely have to inject the insulin once or twice a day for the length of the dog’s life.

Diabetes is most commonly found in middle aged older dogs and is a common disease that seems to arise. Many pet owners do not realize the most frequent signs of diabetes in their pets because they are so subtle. Drinking more water than usual, less energy, weight loss and frequent urination are all signs that pets could potentially have diabetes.

In any case, once the signs are noticed it is best to bring them to a veterinarian to have blood tests done to determine the severity of the diabetes as well as being shown how to treat and maintain a healthier blood sugar level.

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