Pwnie Express Named 2012 Industry Innovator by SC Magazine

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Pwnie Express is recognized as an Industry Innovator in the area of penetration testing products. They have changed the game, making pentesting products more affordable and nimble.

The Pwn Plug, Pwnie Express' flagship product is the first commercial pentesting dropbox.

They have changed the game, making pentesting products more affordable and nimble.

Pwnie Express continues to shake the industry with the latest announcement of being recognized by SC Magazine as a 2012 Industry Innovator. This recognition is as a result of SC magazine finding strength and innovation in Pwnie Express penetration testing products This comes on the heels of the announcement of what is already another record breaking year for the Vermont-based pentesting product powerhouse.    

Their initial hardware offering, the Pwn Plug, is the first-to-market commercial penetration testing drop box. This low-cost plug-and-play device was designed for remote internal pentesting of branch offices and retail locations. This enables security professionals and service providers to perform internal pentests remotely, saving the cost of travel and expenses typically associated with such testing. The Pwn Plug includes a full security auditing software suite and provides covert remote access over Ethernet and 4G/GSM cell networks. Pwnie Express has also developed the Pwn Phone, a mobile wireless penetration testing product that is in the form factor of a fully operational mobile phone. It is equipped with a comprehensive suite of security testing tools which include packet injection capabilities.

Pwnie Express now offers the Power Pwn, which looks like an ordinary power strip but is also a pentesting drop box. These technologies have been used effectively in organizations and agencies with multiple remote offices. Most recently Pwnie Express has released the Enterprise Pentesting Appliance (PX-EPA). It builds on the value proposition of their previous products in that it is designed to provide a more robust pentesting capability by supporting the integration of products like Nessus Server, Cobalt Strike, and Metasploit Pro.

Designed for Static Deployment and Continuous Testing - The EPA was built to enable remote agencies and branch offices the ability to support continuous scheduled and on-demand pentesting. The device utilizes the same firewall-busting capabilities of the Pwn Plug to connect back to a management station, from which a pentester can schedule or perform testing. This is all accomplished via a management console that ships with the purchase of three or more units. As always, pentesters can schedule the EPA device to attempt to connect back to the management console at regular intervals.

More Power - Feedback that Pwnie Express received from their customers suggested that their devices were great for smaller penetration tests, but pentesters wanted the ability to run commercial tools that required x86 or x64 hardware, and a lot more horsepower. The EPA has a dual-core i5 w / HT (total 4 cores), 2.66Ghz processor and 8GB of ram, more than enough to get the job done for its supported Nessus, Metesploit Pro and Cobalt Strike products (and virtual machine support for others). Support for KVM also means Windows VMs with commercial Windows tools can be added.

Onboard WIFI and Bluetooth - Customer feedback also suggested a desire for a device that integrated and made easy the ability to test more wireless technologies such as wifi and bluetooth. The EPA ships with both technologies on-board as well as an external (optional on-board) 4G / GSM adapter. All wireless can be run in the monitor and injection modes. The EPA also supports ZigBee / Zwave, SDR and RFID radios.

Enhanced "Pwnix" Platform - The Enterprise Appliance is the first product to take advantage of Pwnie Express’ Ubuntu-based platform. internally dubbed "Pwnix". Pwnix includes not only the features you've seen in the Elite Plug, but also is now configuration managed, and includes an API that allows remote UI administration. This provides pentesters the ability to issue any UI command remotely from other platforms if required.

Pwnie Express is the premier global provider of innovative, cost effective, rapid deployment penetration testing products. Their products have been incorporated into the cyber-security toolboxes of over one hundred security service providers, several Fortune 50 companies and various federal agencies. The Pwn Plug has been named as the Editors Choice in PC Magazine and Pwnie Express has been named by CIO On-line as one of the 7 hottest security companies to watch. They have recently been featured in, The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Journal, Ars Technica, PC Magazine, and Slashdot.

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