The Asheville Jung Center “End of the World” Seminar Held on November 29th, 2012; Jungian Analysts Discuss the Maya's Culture as the Mayan Calendar Comes to an End

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December 21st, 2012 is getting closer and the latest seminar from the Asheville Jung Center is exploring the End of the World as the Mayan calendar comes to an end. The full video of this presentation is now available.

The public's attention has been fixed on the image of apocalypse since it became known that the Maya Calendar "ends" on December 21, 2012. Does this mean the world will end on that day?

The Asheville Jung Center is pleased to announce the release of a video seminar on the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy and its effect on people around the globe. Three renowned Jungian psychoanalysts connected via internet feed explore the interior mysteries of apocalypse and specifically the prophecies of the ancient Mayan tradition. There is an interior dimension to prophecy like the Mayan Prophecy or Revelations that may be more compelling than the outer details. The full video presentation is now available for purchase. The Asheville Jung Center was founded in 2008 to advance the psychology of Carl Jung and promote an international Jungian community. It is affiliated with innerQuest Psychiatry and Counseling, a regional psychiatrist group.

People are looking for clues that can help decipher the meaning and implications of the Mayan prophecies. The impression that the world may come to some cataclysmic end is deeply etched into the human psyche and appears as a recurring motif. The Asheville Jung Center is at the leading edge of exploring the significance of the Mayan Prophecy. “There is an aspect of the primitive part of our brain that fears the abyss; this finds expression in sacred literature and in various myths and rituals of ancient cultures, and the failure to acknowledge this notion of annihilation may result in acting out these themes in aberrant ways." says Dr. Steven Buser, co-founder of the Asheville Jung Center. Dr. Len Cruz, also of the Asheville Jung Center, offered several examples of aberrant patterns evident in current events ”…the denial of the evidence concerning environmental degradation, the paralysis in dealing with the impending fiscal crisis in the US and elsewhere, and the psychic numbing as described by the psychiatrist, Robert J. Lifton in association with the threat of nuclear destruction that was initially identified in survivors of Hiroshima.”

The public's attention has been fixed on the image of apocalypse since it became known that the Maya Calendar "ends" on December 21, 2012. Does this mean the world will end on that day? This shocking prospect has encouraged a response from the deeper layers of the human imagination, which has brought back into collective awareness the archetypal image of the apocalypse. This theme has been inscribed in Western consciousness by the Biblical canon with the final Book, The Book of Revelation, featuring images of the world's destruction, the end of time, the Last Judgment and the New Jerusalem. Is this what humanity is facing on December 21, 2012?

Nancy Furlotti has extensively studied the Maya Calendar and in her presentation explores the meaning of the ending of the present historical cycle as conceived by the Maya mythologists. Hers is a fascinating story replete with archeological data, images of Maya culture, and ancient reflections about temporal cycles of vast proportions. Can some of the insights from Maya myth prove to be relevant to issues of this current day? Certainly the myth of the end of time strikes a deep chord in the contemporary psyche.

The emotional issues stirred up by apocalyptic scenarios are what psychological practitioners -- counselors, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts -- take a special interest in. What depths of the psyche are being activated in these times? The great mythic images have a psychological meaning and are part of a general transformation process going on within a global culture now in formation. Many events, both those that are humanly contrived and those that are purely natural, are caught up in the webs of meaning woven by the human imagination when it looks at the world through apocalyptic lenses. Is Mother Nature punishing human greed and pride with earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, volcanic actions, tsunamis, etc.? Is the Last Judgment upon us for our hubris? Alternatively, is the apocalypse the beginning of something entirely new, a 'new world order' that will be an improvement on the old? A vast Mayan Age is about to end and another to begin, the Age of Pisces is changing into the Age of Aquarius, and the whole world is being turned upside down politically, financially, naturalistically, and culturally.

Jung was attuned intuitively to the enormous cultural shift that is underway. One of his last essays considers the wide observation of flying saucers as the harbinger of a visitation that will inaugurate a new era of human consciousness just as the appearance of a savior two thousand years ago inaugurated the Christian Aeon and the Age of Pisces. Does the world stand on the precipice of such a dramatic moment in world history? Such are the thoughts that arise as all consider the theme of this timely seminar.

The Asheville Jung Center is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. This course meets the qualifications for 5.0 hours of continuing education credit for MFT's & LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. (Provider #4958) Please contact the state (or international) licensing board to determine board's specific requirements.

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