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Share Article speaks “cat” fluently. Its knowledgeable pet care specialists translate what cats have been telling owners since time began. Catnip enhances cat emotional and physical well-being. Enchantacat™ Organic Catnip Blossoms, available from the natural pet supply retailer for $8.99, is especially rich in the volatile oil that creates cat contentment. When coupled with one of the several FUNKitty toys ($7.25 each), cats will be engaged, entertained, and excited.

According to Scientific American, cats from the domestic housecat to its exotic jungle cousins respond to the volatile oil nepetalactone released when catnip is sniffed, nibbled, or rubbed. “The oil triggers a cavalcade of neurological responses that ultimately tell the brain, the fun has begun,” states executive Joe Alba. The result is a euphoric feline that hedonistically rolls, and demonstrates sheer delight.

Because its effects mimic those produced by some recreational drugs used by humans, many cat owners unnecessarily worry that catnip is unsafe for their pets. Experts assure, however, that this variety of mint is both safe and healthy. In fact, catnip is now known to promote both physical and emotional well-being.

The reassured pet owner who embraces the benefits of catnip can enhance a cats’ amusement by pairing Enchantacat™ Organic Catnip Blossoms with one of FUNKitty’s line of interactive toys. The Doorway Dangli, Egg-Cercizer, and Twist ‘N Treat Teaser , for example, randomly dispense catnip when manipulated by a playful feline. Engaging and entertaining, the combination of physical and mental stimulation promotes a cat’s overall well-being. Take a look at the Enchantacat™ Organic Catnip Blossoms today at

Not all cats experience the exhilaration associated with catnip; while the hereditary response affects the majority of cats, 20 to 30 percent do not jump for joy when exposed to nepetalactone. Though sober by comparison, there’s no harshing the mellow of those not sensitive to catnip’s intoxicating effects. Experts agree that all cats but especially those living indoors need healthy greens to supplement their diet. Unfortunately, many nibble on potentially dangerous houseplants to meet their needs. Enchantacat™ Organic Catnip Blossoms provide a safe alternative, allowing domestic cats to meet nutritional needs. Certified organic and safe for internal use, Enchantacat™ Organic Catnip Blossoms are a valuable addition to every cat’s diet. encourages you to view Enchantacat™ Organic Catnip Blossoms at its a d here. There, pet owners can also explore FUNKitty’s Doorway Dangli, Egg-Cercizer, and Twist ‘N Treat Teaser ($7.25 each). Each item ships for a flat rate of $5.75, and shipping is FREE for orders over $100.00. is a well-stocked online pet retailer and boutique featuring pet supplies selected by experienced pet care specialists. Purchasing from this popular outlet offers the buyer not only great products at great prices, but also promotes pet rescue and adoption. Mindful of the many benefits pet ownership offers, Whole Pet Direct generously supports this cause. “We are very proud to have partnered with Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue,” states Kyle Breiner executive states, “This non-profit organization is devoted to rescuing and placing dogs for adoption, and we happily donate 5% of all sales that are made through the referral link at Big Hearts for Big Dogs.” invites people to learn more about promoting a cat’s physical and emotional well-being at There, customers can purchase the Enchantacat™ Organic Catnip Blossoms and related toys, or any of Whole Pet Direct’s many other quality offerings for cats and dogs. Have questions? Live representatives are available to chat online.

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