Pet Supplies Store Offers Answer For Dog Ear Issues. With Now Available Happytails Ear Aid Kit Are Helping All Dog Owners!

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Natural pet supplier offers. Happytails Ear Aid Kit, it is a two-step ear cleansing system made up of Happytails Ear Wipes $13.99 to clean and deodorize the outer ear and ear flaps and Happytails Ear Clear Serum $13.99, antimicrobial and antibacterial drops that prevent wax buildup and reduce inflammation and odor.

Experts agree that dog ear anatomy makes them especially prone to infection. Dog earflaps trap dirt and bacteria, making the ear an inviting breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and mites. At best, this creates the smelly ears about which many dog owners complain. At worst, painful infection can threaten a dog’s sense of balance and hearing. Pet supplies store has Happytails products that are great for pet hygiene. satisfied customer Jane Asher reports, “The Happytails ear care products really helped my dog’s ears. She doesn’t scratch her ears any more.”

Simple, routine ear care, however, can prevent wax buildup and the growth of bacteria and fungi and infestation by ear mites, sparing a canine companion unnecessary discomfort.

Attentive owners can help maintain a dogs’ ear health and prevent costly medical care with simple measures. Happytails Ear Care Kit, a two-step hygiene program, works to clean, deodorize, and protect a dog’s sensitive ears. First, a drop or two of Happytails Ear Clear Serum ($12.99) works deep within the ear canal. Containing soothing botanicals including arnica, chaparral, comfrey, and calendula, the drops reduce inflammation in the ear canal as sticky wax is broken down. Once loosened, wax can move freely from the canal. Fragrant lavender oil leaves the dog with pleasant-smelling ears. Next, the Happytails Ear Wipes ($13.99) whisk away loosened wax, dirt, debris, and mites. Containing naturally antimicrobial colloidal silver and witch hazel, the wipes leave a dog’s ears fresh and free of infection-causing pathogens and mites.

Used together and routinely, Happytails Ear Wipes and Happytails Ear Clear Serum maintain clean dirt, mite and wax-free ears; once a week use prevents infection, hearing loss, and disruption of your dog’s sense of balance. Further, the comforting herbs soothe allergies and prevent scratching that can cause secondary infection due to toenail injury. encourages customers to view the Happytails Ear Care Kit at Happytails Ear Wipes and Happytails Ear Clear. While there, pet owners can explore other pet supplies, such as Kissable Probiotic Oral Hygiene Spray ($19.50) and Kissable Doggie Dental Wipes ($12.00). Each item ships for a flat rate of $5.75, and shipping is FREE for orders over $100.00. is a well-stocked online pet retailer and boutique featuring pet supplies selected by experienced dog care specialists. Purchasing from this popular outlet offers the buyer not only great products at great prices, but also promotes dog rescue and adoption. Mindful of the many benefits dog ownership offers, Whole Pet Direct generously supports this cause. “We are very proud to have partnered with Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue,” Joe Alba executive states, “This non-profit organization is devoted to rescuing and placing dogs for adoption, and we happily donate 5% of all sales that are made through the referral link at Big Hearts for Big Dogs.” invites customers to learn more about promoting pet hygiene at its blog. At individuals can purchase the Happytails Ear Care Kit, as well other dog hygiene products intended to improve a dog’s health and well-being. Have questions about which product is right for a dog? Don’t worry. Live representatives are available to chat online.

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