iQ for Business Announces Rapid Development Platform for Microsoft BI Stack

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Halo Business Intelligence cuts Microsoft BI development requirements by as much as 75%

Our goal with Halo BI is to remove technical barriers by making developer tools friendlier and breaking the BI development process into simpler iterative steps

Although a perennial leader in the Business Intelligence market, it’s no great secret that Microsoft’s BI offerings have long been criticized as a complex hodgepodge of systems that place onerous development and maintenance burdens on users. One software developer, San Diego-based iQ for Business, is working to change that with a new rapid development platform that transforms the Microsoft BI stack from a group of disconnected applications into a powerful, fully integrated analytics suite.

Called Halo Business Intelligence, the platform combines concepts borrowed from integrated development environments (IDEs) and collaboration tools used in agile software development to cut the time and overhead required to implement Microsoft-based BI by as much as 75%.

“The Microsoft BI stack offers a great combination of familiarity and low total cost of ownership, making it a top choice for many,” said iQ for Business president Ray Major. “However, because Microsoft tools tend to be developer-focused and its approach more ‘build-it-yourself’ than other BI systems, a lot of organizations find the system takes far more technical expertise and time to implement than they originally anticipated. Our goal with Halo BI is to remove technical barriers by making those developer tools friendlier and breaking the BI development process into simpler iterative steps.”

Central to Halo BI is Halo Source, an application that wraps a number of separate Microsoft SQL Server tools, including SSIS, SSAS and SSRS, into a single drag and drop application interface. Halo Source allows IT personnel to quickly integrate multiple data sources, build data warehouses, and generate BI cubes according to Microsoft best practices without requiring deep technical knowledge of the underlying systems. Moreover, Halo Source allows BI teams to develop analytical metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and quickly push them to end users in a matter of days rather than the weeks or months required with typical systems.

On the end user side Halo BI provides a web browser-based dashboarding and data visualization system called Halo Prism that includes a collaboration component known as Halo Rings. With Prism and Rings users can see the metrics and KPIs created with Halo Source and provide the BI development team with instant feedback and recommendations tied to specific measures or to an entire dashboard. The team can then make modifications and push the updates back to end users in short order. Once finalized, users can also send the analytics to other applications like Microsoft Excel or SharePoint for use by the rest of the organization.

“By wrapping an application interface around the whole Microsoft BI development stack, Halo eliminates the technical deep dives that bog down and draw out so many implementations,” Major said. “This gives teams the ability to work in short iterations, push it to users for immediate feedback, and improve from there. With Halo’s agile approach companies not only start getting returns on their BI investments right away, but continue to make new gains as the system evolves along with their business.”

Beyond simplifying and speeding the development of Microsoft BI systems, Halo BI offers other capabilities such as 3rd party data integration, smartphone and tablet-friendly analytics dashboards, and the ability to securely share select BI data with remote users, suppliers, partners, and customers.

For more information on Halo Business Intelligence, to request a live demonstration, or engage a 72 hour Halo BI challenge, visit, call iQ for Business at (858) 565-4238, email: info(at)halobi(dot)com

About iQ for Business
iQ for Business is a global provider of information discovery and business intelligence systems tailored for small and mid-sized enterprises. Developed to leverage common business software systems and open technologies, iQ for Business’ Halo Business Intelligence platform frees non-technical users to do their own data-mining, analysis and reporting without relying on IT staff or proprietary applications. A web-based platform, Halo BI can be accessed via any device – desktop, laptop or mobile – with nothing more than a browser. Founded in 2008, iQ for Business is headquartered in San Diego, California, and maintains corporate offices in North America, EMEA and the Asia-Pacific regions. For more information, contact iQ for Business at tel: (858) 565-4238, email: info(at)halobi(dot)com, web:

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