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With the launch of, those who suffer from sexual addiction have a new way to seek help online. The new website is focused on providing tips, advice and information about dealing with sexual addiction. In addition to offering help for people who suffer from sex addiction, the site also provides resources for those whose loved ones are grappling with such issues. "When confronted with sexual addiction, people often feel like they're all alone," said one of the founders of the site who prefers to remain anonymous. "Those who suffer from it feel completely isolated, and those whose loved ones suffer from it feel totally helpless. is here to help."

Not surprisingly, sexual addiction isn't a topic that most people are eager to discuss. People are reluctant to discuss things like drug addiction with others, and they are even less comfortable talking about sex addiction. One of the top goals of the new website is to eliminate the stigma that goes along with this type of addiction. "For a society that focuses so much on sex, it's interesting that most of us are unwilling or unable to talk about sexual addiction," said the founder. "The new site features articles and posts that help to eliminate that stigma so that people can get the help they need."

Like many addictions, sexual addiction often leads to feelings of isolation. It's natural for sufferers to feel like they're all alone. Similarly, relatives, spouses, friends and other loved ones of sex addicts tend to feel like no one else can possibly understand. According to the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, however, three to five percent of Americans suffer from sexual addiction. "The reason people feel all alone is because no one wants to talk about it. It's not because they really are alone. Plenty of others suffer from it too," said one of the site's developers.

If anything, sexual addiction has become more rampant in recent years. One of the main reasons appears to be the ready availability of online pornography. In the past, pornography was difficult to find. People had to visit adult bookstores or send away for it in the mail. Today, it's just a click away. "People who are inclined to become sex addicts can easily view pornography online whenever they want," said the site's founder. "This isn't to say that online pornography causes sexual addiction; it just means that it may increase a person's risk of becoming addicted to sex."

Pornography addiction and sexual addiction are two distinct things, and that's one of the subjects that is highlighted at People often lump the two conditions together, but there are many differences between them. However, it is possible for someone to be addicted to sex and pornography at the same time. Whether a person is dealing strictly with a sexual addiction or suffers from a pornography addiction too, features resources and information that can help. "We've already received a lot of positive feedback," said one of the developers. "We think we're on the right track." is already loaded with a variety of informative articles and posts. The founders plan to continually add new posts and articles to ensure that fresh, up-to-date information is always available. "New studies are being performed all the time," said the founder of the site. "As a result, new treatments are constantly being developed. As more is learned about sexual addiction, those who suffer from it will have an easier time getting the help they need." A visit to can be a step in the right direction. "We encourage those who suffer from sexual addiction and their loved ones to check it out," said the founder.

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