Attorney Jacqueline Goodman Receives the Skip Glenn Award

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Orange County Criminal Attorney Jacqueline Goodman has recently received an award praising her efforts in the legal community as a criminal defense attorney. She has been honored for her willingness to represent those in need of legal aid, whatever their situation may be.

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Acknowledged for her legal professionalism and dedication to her clients, Attorney Jacqueline Goodman has received the Skip Glenn Award for Excellence in Advocacy due to her commitment to helping those in Orange County who have been accused. The award was given by the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), a group of legal professionals that have dedicated their life as advocates for justice on behalf of the accused in society. The CACJ holds criminal justice to the highest regards, and in almost 40 years, has attracted over 2,000 attorneys throughout the state who believe in fighting for that same end.

Attorney Goodman has been praised for her willingness to serve and defend those who are considered to be the unpopular members of society. She understands that by way of the United States Constitution, that every individual is entitled to civil liberties and she has dedicated her life and law firm to represent them. In attempts to advocate on behalf of her clients, she has undergone not only national condemnation, but also international scorn, willing to risk her personal reputation in hopes of helping others. For example, in 2010, the “Irvine 11,” a Muslim Student Union, was arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights b protesting an Israeli ambassador (Superior Court of California, County of Orange,Case No. 11CM01351,). This group of individuals deserved the chance to be heard, and Attorney Goodman was willing to endure the bigotry of the masses in order to ensure they were fought for. In her time as a defense lawyer she has gone up against many people in order to fight for the cause she knew was right.

Attorney Goodman holds the respect and appreciation of both her legal peers and well as her clients as she stands beside those who are often times deemed unworthy by the rest of society. She is a legal professional who is dedicated to the people in her community, willing to do what it takes to fight on their behalf. Her work in the legal community, however, goes far beyond the reaches of her own firm. Attorney Goodman founded on her own what is known today as the North Orange County Bar Association (NOCBA), serving as the association’s first president. A group that began with a few attorneys has now expanded significantly, with membership reaching into the hundreds. This bar association includes defense attorneys, prosecutors, as well as judges in the great Orange County area.

Apart from her time spent with her clients and the NOCBA, she has also written a curriculum that discusses the criminal justice system on behalf of those with developmental disabilities. This curriculum was created to not only clarify how to properly interact with mentally handicap accused criminals, but also to instruct police officers in how to deal with them at the scene. It is her hope that those with developmental disabilities will be treated with the care and compassion that they deserve. For example, one woman who suffered with a severe mental handicap was accused of murder after throwing her baby off of the Children’s Hospital roof. Attorney Goodman fought on her behalf, and used the case as an opportunity to share the truth about the criminal justice system with those who are mentally ill.

The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman is an Orange County criminal defense practice that proudly represents any individuals who are facing criminal charges. This is a firm that is committed to advocating on behalf of those who feel as though all hope is lost, with the goal of fighting for justice and their innocence. Attorney Goodman is frequently approached by legal peers in her field for advice and has been a Los Angeles Times legal expert for their national media as she is recognized for her many successful cases. If you have been accused of a criminal charge, do not hesitate in contacting their firm for the criminal defense that you deserve. Call them today at (888) 849-7652 or visit their website at

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